A Little Football Chatter: Tony Romo and Some Monday Food For Thought

Helpful hints, not on who to bench, trade or play….but how true leaders take the “High Road” and build strength.

In lieu of updating everyone on my fantasy teams, I chose to put a different spin on this particular article.  It has been a little longer than I would have liked for the another submission to our Fantasy Football Series.  As it does for everyone, life got just a little bit busy for a while.

image by ixabay.com
image by ixabay.com

So, in a nutshell, my teams and pick’ems have suffered just a bit.  However, I am still holding out hope the week or two my picks weren’t done.   Or, I forgot to look at my players on a “byes” and bench them,  hasn’t made it impossible to climb the rankings.  If you have found yourself in the same situation  this season, don’t give up. It is a good time to step back (maybe Tuesday) look which player is hurt and who is available.  Be careful though, just because a player is on a bye or had a rotten week the week previously.  This may not be a reason to let him go.  If he has been a good player, I suggest you let it ride a week or two, because chances are, someone is in the wings waiting to pounces!

Keep everyone’s best interest at heart,  when making an important decision, isn’t always an easy one.

If you didn’t have a chance to see Tony Romo’s Press Conference or just got the highlights after, you definately want to take a minute and watch the Youtube clip below.  If you follow the Dallas Cowboys or not, it has been pretty obvious Dallas Cowboy’s Quarterback, Tony Romo, has been on IR for a couple weeks.  Romo hurt his back during preseason against the Seattle Seahawks.  Although Romo is now listed as active, there is not a slot for him.

Dak Prescot stepped in when Romo was injured and has seemed to be growing to the leader an NFL Quarterback should be.  Therefore that does not allow Romo to resume his quarterback position.

Image by pixabay.com
Image by pixabay.com

Prescot stepped up to fill some pretty big shoes, while Tony Romo digs deep and wins the battle inside him.

After his back injury and the time he needed for physical activity, Tony Romo had a challenge in front of him most first string quarterback (for any team) not to mention it is the Beloved Dallas Cowboys, may never see.  While healing, Romo had to decide to serve, not only as Prescott’s mentor, but an observant insider, going back to “films” with helpful advice and constructive criticism.  And to add to that, he had to find a positive view when watching another fill his role each week.  In life we are not “handed” anything, we must earn it, if we want it.  And along the way, I would say Romo has earned it in ten fold, through the dedication he has shown for his team and fellow team mates.

I feel as I watched Tony Romo speak to the press that day, I got a better understanding of the real man within Tony Romo.  He spoke truly from the heart and exuded overwhelming grace as he did.  During his Press Conference, Romo explained how his team (the Cowboys) were in a very special place right now.  He also expressed how imperative it is at this point in the season for everyone to put all controversy aside and go as far as they could in Season 2016.  Because the Cowboys have to make this decision, Tony Romo was very “matter of fact” when he announced “there will be no talking about his future at this time.”

Bill Polian gives his expert opinion.

After the Press Conference had concluded, Bill Polian joined the NFL Live team in an analytical discussion regarding Romo’s words.  I although I had to be reminded who Bill Polian was, his words kept my interest until the end.  Bill Polian is now and ESPN Analyst and is the Former General Manager of the Indianapolis, Colts and then inducted to the Hall Of Fame.  While Polian was with the Colts, he was responsible for the drafting of the very talented Peyton Manning.

One of the main reasons I am a Peyton Manning Fanatic and stayed true when he moved to the Broncos,  is because of the type of man and human being he is inside.   Manning displayed humbleness and gratitude every time he spoke. It made no difference if he was speaking at a Press Conference after a victory or a defeat.  When Manning was on the field, he was steady, encouraging and a teacher to each and everyone of his fellow team mates.  He lead by example and always had he team mate’s backs.

One of the most powerful statements for me personally, was when Polian explained, “We all have two battles constant inside us. One with the man/woman inside us and the other with the individual sitting across from us.  Fix the one within us, the one across from you does not matter” 

In the end, we need to do three simple things.

Image by pixabay.com
Image by pixabay.com

As Peyton manning did all throughout his career, Tony Romo is perfecting this trait now.  Because Tomo stood in front of America and spoke from his heart, he gets a little closer to the front of the line for me.  On many occasion, I find myself reminding that woman inside me, we are the only ones capable of healing that broken self-confidence, believing and loving ourselves to the fullest.

Someone very special had to be the reminder for a long period of time until I finally got it.  He still will give me his gentle reminder, if he sees me weakening inside.  His words are always the same, “You just work on you.  Love yourself, do the right thing and always tell the truth.  If you do these three simple things….God will make sure everything else just falls into place.

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