Another Adventure To Add To My Journey!

My adventure begins a little something like this…..

When first ventured into the blogging world, I quickly learned about the importance of SHARING, LIKING, COMMENTING, NETWORKING, etc.  NO PROBLEM!!  I got this.

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I then began learning how “Tweeting” also is a very useful thing to get your content viewed.  “WAIT…..PROBLEM!!   As in TWITTER”?  That kind of Tweet?”  I don’t “Tweet”,  looked like I was going to start.  I had vaguely remembered setting up an account at one time, but knew nothing about it.  At one point I thought I would get a little more social and set up an account.  After one look around the site, I decided maybe I was not made out to be a Tweeter.  It looked a bit confusing….I know, I know…you in the younger generations can stop snickering now.

There it was.  My account was opened in 2009 and I had made one Tweet.  Well, atleast my account was set up.  I best get to learning the “Tweeting World”,

I began “Sharing” my published articles on Twitterwhich was easy.  All I had to do is click on the little blue bird and there it was….a “Tweet”.  My comfort zone has broadened with this Social Platform, although, I am by no means an expert.  

I crossed another path which lead me to the next Writing Adventure.

One day while fumbling around with “Tweets, Retweets, Follows, Mentions, Direct Messages, Followers, Following”, etc.  I had a new follower who had commented (Tweeted) on one of my articles.  I responded by thanking him, I LOVE when readers like my stuff.  

My new “Follower” was with Wisdom Ninja which is an online Lifestyle Magazine.  Eventually he put out the invitation to me for an article submission.  I really didn’t have to think too much about it.  Getting work viewed is the name of the game for us writers/bloggers.  I did, however, have to take a little time to think about the topic.  It really does not happen often with me.  I began writing late in life, so I have not even scratched the surface of what I could use.  Unfortunately, his offer came at one of those rare occasions, some of you know what I mean, Writer’s Block!!!

But, I fought through it.   By some inspiration while checking out websites that accept Guest Posts and for the Freelance Writing venture I am starting, it came to me.  An article about the generation we know as “The Millennials”.  My inspiration came from a writer/blogger who is a member of the generation herself.  Her name is Aya Tsintziras, titled   “15 Things Only Millenials Will Understand” and was published in the magazine, TheTalko.  TheTalko is also a Lifestyle magazine.

Of course the title alone captured my attention.  I am of the generation I have just decided everyone needs to know

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as:  “THE MILLENNIAL MOMS”  This was perfect!!

There is no such thing as TOO MANY adventures in Life!  Please join me on this one too.

One of my favorite things about the writing/blogging journey I’m on is having others read and engage with my work.  I think that is a “universal” feeling among most of us.  With that said, here is transpired from the inspiration Aya gave, please read, enjoy and engage.

How I Gained Wisdom From A Generation We Know As “Millennials”

Thank you again, Aya Tsintziras, for the inspiration.  I also encourage those of you who view this to check out Aya’s Personal Blog by clicking the appropriate links.  Again, leave comments, thoughts, feelings, or leave your Personal Blog link.  I love discovering new things.

Happy Reading!

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0 thoughts on “Another Adventure To Add To My Journey!”

  1. Congratulations on another door opening up for you! I am so happy that you are showcasing your talent on different platforms. Your article was thoughtful & very well written. I gained some insight into the Millenial mindset. Thank you!

  2. Hi Teresa,

    Was lovely to hear about your journey into blogging and social media. Your writing is really engaging. I’m looking forward to reading other posts.

    Beth 🙂

    1. Hi Beth,

      Thank you so much for that comment! I am so excited to have met new Bloggers to network and learn from! The last 2 days I have discovered different types of writing which I love! I look forward to reading more of your work and learning along the way! 🙂


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