Dear Daddy……..(A Letter to My Father)

Today, February 24, 2017 is my Father’s Birthday.  I wanted to re-publish this article to send him my love and wish him a very Happy Birthday!  Although we live miles apart, family is with me in my heart everyday.  I love you, Daddy, I hope your Special Day is amazing!


August 25, 2016

Hi Daddy,

As you know, I have started this “blogging” thing for State Of Liberation Magazine.  Being able to write and put my stories into words is such a Blessing.  Three months ago, I was looking through some blogging groups on Facebook.  I came across a posting mentioning a new online magazine getting ready to launch mid June.  It said they were accepting new writers.

At that point I had just began to scratch the surface on blogging.  I made the contact anyway.  I think I may have put the cart before the horse.  The opportunity presented itself, felt like I had to act on the window of opportunity before it closed.

We have a “Writer’s Challenge” done weekly.  Personally for me as a writer/blogger, I find it adds a little variety to my writing and makes me think outside of the box. Usually, we pick a number according to that weeks instructions.  We are then given some criteria to get us started and then create what comes to mind.

Friday is the day we receive a new challenge.  Last Friday I was given “Write a Letter to A Special Person In Your Life.”  I knew in an instant it was going to you.  It was almost like I was given this topic for a reason, brought tears to my eyes actually.  I know, that is hard to believe, isn’t it?

I have a few pieces that have had that effect on me.  Maybe because there have been some topics that I have deep feelings about or issues that fall into my “Self-Improvement/Self-Esteem” project I have finally started.  Like little spring boards to make me start believing in my abilities and remembering to stop and take care of myself once in a while.

Our Fearless Leader here at the magazine developed this Challenge exercise.  I mentioned him in a few articles.  He is who gave me this opportunity with absolutely zero experience.  Didn’t even have a sample of my writing to send him.  Originally, I couldn’t decide if he was insane or just plain hard up for writers.  I think I have now decided that for some reason unknown to us, that opportunity was presented to me at the right time in life.

You and I have never really had this conversation, but I am a believer that we cross paths with people for a reason sometimes and it is up to us to recognize when that happens and grow from it.  Brendan and I had a two and a half hour conversation yesterday about the meaning life.  Sounds crazy I know.  Never thought I could talk that much.

In fact, we have had deep conversations like that before that have lasted longer.  We both recognize that neither one of us have ever met anyone that we connect at that level.  It’s hard to explain really.  My only explanation to us being together is that God put us in each others lives for a reason.  It is not our job to question God, but to recognize when things like that happen and grab them.

I know I haven’t actually thanked you, but my belief in God and the value of family is one of the best gifts you can give a child.  A gift I always knew I would pass on to my children.  Not really something a person really thinks about much growing up.  Maybe we just have to live life and get to a certain place before we really get it.  If that’s true, I am there, so thank you.

Anyway, Jordan told me some of my pieces made him cry!  I will agree, I do have some tear jerkers.  I write best when I just speak from my heart.  Some times I have absolutely no clue what is going to appear on the paper.  I know the topic I feel I need to write about and just set down and go for it.  Many times the title does not come to me right away.  Many times after the piece is complete, the title becomes very clear.

Back to the “tears in my eyes” issue when I write.  That character trait is hereditary, as far as I am concerned.  I know that because there’s not a doubt in my mind when this piece is published and you have read to this point, you could possibly have a few in your eyes.  Yeah, so thanks a million for passing that on to me ass well.

Really,  my intention isn’t to make readers cry.  However, as of late, that’s my track record.  Our Mr. Fearless Leader, Jordan, brought it to my attention a few articles ago.  “What does he expect when he gives me topics like he does?” Look at the right sidebar under “Writer’s Challenge” and you tell me. Daddy, I think he plans it that way.

I am really just kidding about him planning my topics, I know they are always random.  No, my honest opinion goes right back to God putting certain people and situations in your life for a reason.  I use to be one who questions why.  Now I try to recognize when it happens and grow.

Just like he gives everyone a gift.  I think I am coming into to mine now, Dad.  Yes, maybe I should have started many years ago.  Or maybe this is the time in my life I was suppose to discover the talent.  As I said, I have become wise enough now to not question, but to recognize and be thankful.

Image by Teresa Branam Wilgus at State Of Liberation
Image by Teresa Branam Wilgus at State Of Liberation

When I was a little girl, I remember secretly relishing in the fact that I was   “Daddy’s Little Girl”.   You know, Daddy, I still feel that way today. I will admit before your sons start rolling their eyes and start putting in their two cents.  It could have been easy to feel that way since I was Daddy’s ONLY  Little Girl.  Sorry, boys.

Well, Dad, in closing it is coming to me that possibly this topic was randomly given to me as a stepping stone to opening up the communication between you and me a little more often.  I will have to ponder that thought a bit as it literally JUST crept into my mind.  Whatever the case may be, I wanted you to know I Love You.  And, as your only daughter, have always wanted you to be proud of me.  It’s funny how at age 50 that feel still exists.

So, I love you, Dad and just be assured, although life is a little challenging at this point and time.  We shall get through it, learn from it and be stronger because of it.

Keep in touch, Daddy,


p.s. – Not everyone will understand the reason for the Feature Image of this piece, I know you do.  One of my favorite memories of childhood was going to visit Uncle Gene and hearing him recite the poem when I walked in the house.

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