Fall Weather To Me Means Comfort Food: Recipes From My Mom & Me

There is a distinct feel in the air!

Image by Hoosierhillphotography.com
Image by Hoosierhillphotography.com

“Fall is upon us!  When the subtle chill in the air is obvious and the leaves begin to put on their show, I begin to feel the need for baking and making comfort food.  To drive this feeling home, on a whim this weekend, my significant other decided to make his famous chili recipe.  Although, I may be a bit biased, his chili is the best I have ever tasted.  If we attend any type of “pitch ins” during the fall his chili is our “go to” donation!  And, when gatherings are a yearly event (such as a Super Bowl Party) the other guests rely on his donation. However, I have yet to gain permission to publicize the “Best Chili Known To Man” recipe.

I will continue to work on him  to sign off and grant me the rights to publish.  Now, back to the chill in the air and other comfort foods!  My mom always made some tasty party foods.  There are two in particular, I always requested to be on the menu.  Although, please keep in mind, these recipes date back to when I was a kid. Healthy Eating was not in the forefront of potluck attendee’s minds!  Hence, the words comfort food.

My Disclaimer:  None are claimed Healthy and there may be a title not so Politically Correct; It’s Comfort Food!”

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  1. Goodness! The Mistakes sounds wonderful! I can imagine throwing a little jalapenos or some hot sauce for some heat in the mix. Have you ever eaten it on anything other than the rye bread? It was funny that you mentioned your significant other makes a killer chili. My husband makes this great white chicken chili to die for. Thanks for giving me a meal idea with Mistakes! 🙂

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