Fantasy Football: When Is It Time To Drop Back Five And Punt?

Mom Says:

It was 4th down and a loss of 2.5 yards……

Here we are,  week 5 of the  NFL Season.  How did all of the drafts go, Fantasy Football lovers?  As for me, I  made a mark in my Fantasy Football playing history!  Please don’t take that exclamation mark following my last sentence in the wrong context.  Unfortunately, my “mark” does not please me.

This year, I am in two fantasy leagues not four and one Fantasy Pick’em.  Four teams to manage was about my limit.  Since there were only two teams needing attention,  plenty of time to do a little research and watch a little Fantasy Football Live.  I was right on target.  What did I do to make history?

My first team’s live draft was scheduled for a Sunday afternoon.  It was the Wilgi Fantasy Football League.  As mentioned in the last Fantasy Football article, the Wilgi League was initiated by sons and was my first attempt to playing.  Therefore, it is also the league to blame for football obsession.  The day has arrived, I am ready to go, I’ve studied a little, just waiting to log on and enter the draft.   In my mind, drafting started at 6:00 p.m. (PST).  

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Time to punt!!!

My boyfriend  participates in this league and at about 4:45 p.m., he questioned the starting time.  I panic, look at my phone to see a text from my oldest son. Bradley, simply sent a message saying, “Draft?”.  We have family from Seattle, Indiana and Florida participating in the League.  I do not know what time zone I thought I we were in at our house.  Consequently, we missed the draft and our teams went to   “auto draft”.

Auto draft is not  a horrible thing, my team ended up being pretty respectable.  I just didn’t get to pick the players that were pre-ranked and missed out on all the “Smack Talk” during the drafting.  Without question, we  were a topic of the smack in the draft room this year!

The second Live Draft was the following Wednesday evening and we were ready to go thirty minutes early.  No way to miss this one, my significant other is the Commissioner of the League.

As always,  I review my teams not to make too many trades.  I let my team ride the first week, to see how players perform.  Because, Fantasy Football,  it is not wise to judge players from the previous year.  Many things can and do change during off season.

Chin up and don’t get discouraged.

As hard as it is, I try not to let myself be discouraged even though my middle son beat me by a landslide in the third week.   That’s okay; it is early in the season.  If you are in the same boat as I am, I suggest checking out different Fantasy Football avenues and read up on players stats now.  Things are changing in the season, could be good trading time.

Surprisingly, there is always a player not on the radar, that proves to be a “Golden Boy”.  See if they are available and snatch them up!  I am happy to announce, in the Fantasy Pick’em on Yahoo (this group also started many years ago) I am ranked #3 going into the the 5th week. 

And then you Luck Out!

I had what very well could have been another “Punt The Ball Away” last week.  In a different League (again playing the same son) I had three players in each scoring a whopping ZERO!  However, I also had Julio Jones who had “Banner Day”!  As a result,  Julio scored me 45 points!  That fluke allowed me the win!

As promised, my son will be teaming up with me occasionally and sharing his Football expertise.  His knowledge is much more vast on topics such as stats, trades, etc.   Hope your teams are all shaping up and you are enjoying yourself!  One last tidbit before Mom hands it over….Bradley and I are up against each other this 5th week of Fantasy Football!  Good Luck, Son….

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Here’s what Brad has to say….

It’s getting to the time of the season where injuries are taking their toll and some new players are looking a little better than the guys they replace. If you are like my mother and messed up and/or missed your draft, you’ll need to start working on improving your team ASAP.

Most leagues have a system called the Waiver Wire. Each Tuesday, the players who sit in Free Agency will be locked up and become part of a bidding system. The priority for claiming these players typically goes to the worst team in the league. If that team chooses not to pick up a player, first priority moves to the next team. If the first team decides to pick up a player, then the first team drops to the bottom of the priority list. I’ll give an example below. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll only use four teams.

Say we have Andy, Betty, Claire, and Derek. The standings look like this:

  1. Andy
  2. Betty
  3. Claire
  4. Derek

Derek missed his draft, too. The autodraft picked up Tony Romo and Josh Gordon for him…no good. He needs to turn this ship around. The Waiver Wire priority list looks like this:

  1. Derek
  2. Claire
  3. Betty
  4. Andy

Since Derek needs a QB after Tony Romo went down, he is looking at Carson Wentz. With the #1 priority, he is guaranteed to get him. After that, the priority list looks like this:

  1. Claire
  2. Betty
  3. Andy
  4. Derek

Claire was also looking at Wentz, but couldn’t get him since she was second on the list. She didn’t have anyone else she wanted, so the next pick goes to Betty with the order still staying the same. If Betty were to pick someone up, the order would look like this:

  1. Claire
  2. Andy
  3. Derek
  4. Betty

Andy decided not to pick up anyone since his team is doing so well. The order above is what the waiver priority looks like after the initial waive of free agent pickups. Every player who was in free agency is now available on a first come, first serve basis except the players who Derek and Betty dropped. Those two players are now under the same waiver rules that all the free agents were. With Claire not picking anyone up, she has first pick of those players. Abstaining from picking someone up on the first wave can be a nice strategy!

Fantasy football can be a bit of a chess match and there’s no guaranteed strategy. The most powerful tool you have is your gut, so trust your judgments and never look back. You may not always win, but you don’t want to regret second-guessing yourself.

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