I Would Tell My Teenage Self…..

Let me quickly tell you about yesterday’s Writer’s Challenge prompt..

Unfortunately, my article did not get written for yesterday’s Prompt.  A cold I have been fighting won the battle.  The prompt for January 3rd was:  “When I look at the sea, I…..”.

This is one I was ready to let you know how I really feel when I look at the sea (ocean).  The sea makes me feel humble in a way.  So powerful.


When I am at the beach, so close to this beautiful creation, I get so lost in thought.  Although, I missed the Challenge piece yesterday, I have gained an idea for an piece or short story.

There is my positive out of having a cold!


Today’s Challenge prompt, “I Would Tell My Teenage Self…”

First and foremost, I would tell myself to slow down and enjoy!  

Don’t let the little things get to you.  Enjoy being young and take advantage of all the free time you have on your hands.  Take that free time and make the most of it.

Go hang out with your friends doing what you like.  Now, be smart about it and try to stay out of trouble.  If by chance you don’t make the smartest decision and get into a little trouble, it’s not the end of the world.

Ok, so you might have a price to pay when Dad and Mom finally get ahold of you.  They may just be disappointed and a little stressed out (especially Mom).  Just like you, they are learning.  There will come a day when you will all look back on this and laugh.

Your Mom might not think so right now, but she will.

Chances are you pulled a stunt they probably would not have thought of doing.   So they say, they probably just THINK that.  Remember, you are their child. They chose to bring you into this world.  They feel responsible for you and your well being.  

So, if you get into a little trouble, they “ground” you from your friends for a day or two.  Don’t freak out!  Instead of hiding in your room being angry, take that time to be with your family.  Be smart about your time management.



Relax, enjoy your free time.  Spend time with your family just as you do with your friends.  

Believe me, there is going to come a time in your life you wish you would have.  You will grow up into adulthood.  Of course this is the farthest thing from your mind, but the day might come you move to a different state or even country.

It happens!

It is then you realize how much you miss your family.  How many family events you can’t go to.  Although doable, that extra effort to stay in touch becomes important.  And at that time in life, time goes by fast.  

You will eventually have a family of your own.  Children you are now responsible for.  Your life will become busy.  You will have less time on your hands.

Me and My Handsome Men!

Right now you think hanging with the family is a little boring and I get that.  It’s important to develop friendships.  Have others your age to talk to.  But don’t take it for granted your family will be around forever.  As you get older, so is everyone else.

There will come a time in your life your struggle won’t be the fact you are forced to spend time with your parents and siblings.  Your struggle will be wishing you had.

My Beautiful Mother, Passed Away May 2015


So go be teenager, have fun but be smart.  Hug Mom and Dad every chance you get without rolling your eyes.  A day will come when you no longer can.

Go make friends and enjoy them.  I am not even going to say “Stay away from the drama.”  You are a girl and teenage girls tend to naturally bring a little drama with them.  JUST GROWN OUT OF THAT PHASE, PLEASE!


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  1. I really liked the point where you said make sure you hug your Mom and Dad more. Funny,when you are a teenager, you never realize how important that act will be someday. Very nice piece, Teresa!

        1. Yes and something I have slowly realized while raising my sons, is that some things they just won’t “get”. They must and SHOULD have the experiences in life to figure it out on their own.

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