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Mom’s just a little excited…

As some of you may have read, I have began a series with State Of Liberation online magazine on the 2016 NFL.  This series will run from now until the end of the Super Bowl. 

My three boys, when they were all still at home, sat around for what seemed like hours debating football and looking up stats.  Any trip to the book store consisted of my oldest son picking out some sort of sports statistics book.  The wealth of knowledge about many sports in these boys’ heads is quite impressive if you ask me.

Bradley About

Just recently in a conversation with my oldest son, Bradley, (now 26) I learned that he has a Blog of his own which is primarily sports here on WordPress.  After I visited his site and saw the extent of his writing, a light bulb went off in my head.  Why not ask him to join me blogging for State Of Liberation.  Because of his busy work schedule and his own blogging, he doesn’t have the time to be the main sports person, so I asked if he would like to write as a guest writer and share my series with me.

Much to my extreme satisfaction, Bradley immediately said that he would do it.  So, this NFL Season, the magazine will have statistics, opinions and Fantasy Football advice from two different spectrum.  Me as a woman who truly loves the game and the excitement of fantasy football and from Bradley (Brad Wilgus) a guy who has studies, knows his stuff and the best apps and websites to recommend.

So, please take some time to check out State Of Liberation.Com if you haven’t already (even if you are not a sports nut, there is something for everyone). Also, I strongly encourage you to check out Bradley’s Blog (listed below) especially if you like informative tid bits of information.  I was amazed at the content of his blog.

There will be a new article on State Of Liberation within the next couple days from us as now is the time!  All teams reported to training camp this weekend.  I will post here on my blog when the next article is publish and you can start joining this Mother/Son Blogging Duo!

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