Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle

With the Holidays fast approaching us, thought I would bring this one back to the surface.  Below is a little insight on how the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” cam into our lives.  You will see how each of my boys picked a favorite teen superhero and the ranger’s color became “boy color coding” in our family.  Also, if I was stuck and needed one more present, the young rangers were always the best go to gift!  With the actual release date not until January 2017, STOCKING STUFFER SURPRISE: simply get another small Power Ranger toy and creatively let your excited recipient know of the gift on the way.  This idea was something I occasionally put into use and helps with the “After Holiday Blues!”

Go, Go Power Rangers!!

Oh, how I remember those words!  As I have said, I have three sons who are all in their twenties.  Although they are all past the Power Rangers age now, we had our glory days with them!  Once the teen group of superheroes hit the airwaves back in 1993 and discovered in my house, we ate, breathed and slept around the teens.  Each of the boys had their own “color” they would morph into whenever the time was right. One Halloween, they came to a collaborative decision, that’s what they were going to be.  After that, with the full costumes on hand, we only grew from there.  We WERE the Power Ranger home!

 Mighty Morphin Power Ranger: Mega Battle Release Date.

Image by alyssaapuzzio.wordpress.com
Image by alyssaapuzzio.wordpress.com

The new Power Ranger game is coming to consoles soon!  It was announced at the New York City Comic-Con, Thursday, October 6, 2016, the Power Ranger video game will be released in January, 2017.  This announcement was made by its developer, Bandai Namco, at NYCC.  The game is going to be available for the Playstation 4, Xbox One.  From the reports I have seen, there seems to be conflicting information if it will be available for the PC.

The game will provide gamers the ability to use special martial art moves, different weapons, to use morphing abilities and will also feature Megazord.  Players will be able to select any character throughout the game.  Rangers available will include:  Jason, Trini, Billy, Kimberly, Zach and Tommy.  During the game there will be opportunities to unlock Tommy Oliver as the White and Green Ranger.  In addition to the Power Ranger characters, Rocky, Aisia, Adam and Kat will appear as human characters.

Popularity and targeted audience of the new game is yet to be seen.

According to an article released today from IGN Video Games, it appears announcement of the new games release came with little fanfare.  The game is said to be providing a nostalgic feel to it.  That such as an arcade game mixed with a classic aspect.  Accomplishing different “levels” throughout.  However, this will also be mixed with new features such as a “Co-Op” mode enabling players to play with fellow gamers elsewhere up to four players.

Results will be interesting when the game is released in January.  Will there be a line forming the day before the game goes on store shelves? Will the line be made up of young gamers or those who remember these mega teens from the 1990’s?   Unfortunately for those excited about this release, the game will not be ready for the Holiday Season 2016.

Below is the trailer released yesterday along with the announcement:

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