My Morning Stroll To Therapy

The first road to expressing my troubles was frightening, then I took the sidewalk.

“Therapy? What do you mean I need therapy!”  That is exactly my reaction the first time someone threw that idea out to me.  I thought therapy was something to hide from others.  I am older and wiser now.  
Although psychology was one of my most liked subjects, I am far from an expert.  Receiving suggestions from others who care is a blessing.  It is a sign of concern for ones well being.   I also believe finding people who really DO know what you mean is an extremely powerful asset.  A gift from a higher being in fact.  As of late, I am convinced you cross paths with others throughout your life for a reason.  Today, I firmly believe counseling can be a very valuable thing.  I have benefited it a few times since that first suggestion.  We are individuals. Put in this world with our own uniqueness.  God planned it that way and what a brilliant plan that was.  Could you imagine the alternative?

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