New Things To Come!!

Now that I have been Blogging a WHOPPING 4 months, I am starting to get the hang of things…well, a few things!  For those who may not know, I realized my passion for not only writing, but sharing what I write.  The sharing part is what drives my passion!  I joined a few Facebook Groups while doing a little research on the Wonderful World of Blogging.  The first one I joined (Blogging Newbs) I saw a post for an up and coming online magazine needing contributors.  This was for the launch on June 15, 2016.  

Looking back now, I am not sure what came over me that day.  I sent the poster a Private Message simply saying I wanted to become a writer for him.  I still am not sure what came over HIM that day, but after a few messages……I was going to be a writer for his new magazine!  Just so it is clear….I was upfront about having no experience.  And he still welcomed me aboard. Joining the State Of Liberation Staff is the best “On A Whim” decision I have ever made!

That particular day was almost 4 months ago and I have never looked back with regret!  In fact, I can not imagine what the heck took me so long!  The magazine is growing with TREMENDOUS WRITERS!!  We have truly became a Tribe of our own!   Our writers range from Newbies like me to talented Seasoned Writers.  We are a great mix of personalities and reside in many different locations.  Because of this, the magazine offers a little something for everyone!

Awesome things will be happening in the future for us writers and you readers, so keep coming back and find what you like. You can find the Latest articles published to the site on my tool bar here or following the link I promise you will be amazed and never disappointed!

keep-calm-coming-soon-pride-1With a little bit of experience and sharing information with my fellow writers, I have realized it is time to do some reconstruction on my Personal Blog as well.  I have a page I have started working on to encourage children to pursue their passion of creativity.  This idea was given to me by my 11 year old nephew in Indiana when his Daddy texted me about his love of writing “Fantasy” stories.  My heart swelled and tears came to my eyes!  You can read about my nephew and my Life’s Little Moment here.   The title is:  

Life’s Little Moments; Generations Apart And Growing Together

In addition, I have several Big Ideas I would love to bring to my Blog as I continue to grow my knowledge.  Due to the fact that I decided to I jump in with both feet first then learn, I’m finding myself now discovering some of the Personal Blog basics now. I will periodically be posting new sites where you can follow me as I discover the platforms that will work best for me.  And, learning the best avenues for “upgrading” my Personal Blog as well.  However, when that is done, all content will be redirected…..No Way do I want to lose touch with all of you!

So, please keep coming back, whether it’s over your morning coffee or after a busy day, check in to 15-best-good-morning-happy-monday-quotes-5614-3see what might be next.  I also encourage and absolutely LOVE comments here and on the State Of Liberation website!  As I said in the beginning, sharing and knowing others are enjoying is what keeps the passion going!  Please comment and share advice that might help me as I grow.  My philosophy is, we are never too old to learn new things!  And I am driven by interaction as well! Leave your Blogs and Websites as well, exploring others adventures is always a fun time!

Have a fantastic day, my friends, and always remember:  Life Is An Adventure, Live It, Love It and Learn From It!!!!

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  1. I just have to say that one of the best things to have come from creating The State of Liberation was that I met you and brought you on. When I started blogging, I remember getting so frustrated because no one seemed to care what I wrote. So many times I wanted to give up. When I discovered all the Facebook groups for bloggers, I realized that I wasn’t the only one that felt that way. So I came up with the idea for the magazine and had the goal in mind that ANY and ALL writers would have a place to write and grow their craft.

    I was so excited when you sent me that message and explained you were new and didn’t know where to start. And it has been amazing to watch you grow and become the amazing writer that you are. I’m so proud of you and I love the passion that you show for your work.

    You are truly an incredible woman and my writing is better because of people like you! Keep up the amazing work!!

    1. Yep, that did it…and you know what I mean! 🙂 I owe you a HUGE thank you for giving me the chance to share what I write and discover this passion I have. I knew after just a few messages, this was the route I should take. Not only have you provided a platform for me to learn and grow, your passion for writing and helping new writers shine through immensely. I look forward to being a part of the big things to come for State Of Liberation and the Tribe we have all become through your leadership!

    1. Thank you for commenting and welcome to the SOL Family! Honestly the group Jordan has put together is amazing! You are going to love it and find everyone so helpful and inspirational! 🙂

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