To Stand Or Not To Stand – NFL Players' Choices

Being the dedicated football fan that I am, I perched myself in front of the t.v. Thursday night, ready for the first  game of the  NFL 2016 Season.  The Denver Broncos taking on the Carolina Panthers, a Super Bowl re-match with the added perk of Peyton Manning’s appearance!

During the Pre-Game show, there was a story reminding us of the San Francisco 49er’s quarterback, Colin Kaepernik’s decision in a pre-season game to remain seated during the singing of the National Anthem.  Although I did not watch the game myself, I do remember hearing about it.  I didn’t really give it much thought, other than the uneducated one in the back of my mind.  That thought being, to remain seated was disrespectful.

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The pre-game ended, it was time to get on to football!  Both teams entered the field,  the National Anthem started.  It was Football Time In America, folks!  The cameras panned the crowd and players, one zoomed in on Denver Bronco’s player,  Brandon Marshall.  He remained in a kneeling position throughout the Anthem.

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  1. Unfortunately we are living in a society that accepts oppression, bullying, and non tolerance against anything or anyone that is perceived as not being “normal.” I don’t know when this happened but we are mired in the aftermath. Sometimes all it takes are a few concerned people to increase awareness.

    1. I agree Susan as we all are entitled to our own opinions. Would be great if everyone could approach each others opinions trying to see both sides. Thanks again for commenting!

      1. Sounds good. Be warned it’s pretty rough! Controversy Man is my new blog on stirring the pot while firing people up!

        It’s NEW so I am seeing how it’s working. Illnessadaptation is the main blog as you know.

        Thanks for reading and also, for sharing your content.

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