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There are no words to truly express my gratitude.

This is one of those moments in life that leaves me searching for the exact words to express how I am feeling. I can only hope the feeling I have as I write will show through to all those reading.  In June of 2016, I was given an opportunity that only comes along once in a lifetime, if at all.  As mentioned in previous articles, the Window of Opportunity opened wide for me.  Through that window, was the chance to get my writing visible for others to see.  That window was the beginning of a journey in which I have discovered a passion.  A path for me to finally recognize and trust what others tried to tell me.  We all do have a God given talent, venturing through that “window” was my first step to taking a chance and believing in me.

Below is an excerpt from an article I wrote that briefly tells the story of how I discovered the passion of writing.  I am a contributing writer for an online magazine,  Jordan Zeitler, Owner/Creator/Editor for State Of Liberation Magazine gave me a an opportunity to good to be true and for that,  I will always be thankful.

“For those who may not know, I realized my passion for not only writing, but sharing what I write.  The sharing part is what drives my passion!  I joined a few Facebook Groups while doing a little research on the Wonderful World of Blogging.  The first one I joined (Blogging Newbs) I saw a post for an up and coming online magazine needing contributors.  This was for the launch on June 15, 2016.  

Looking back now, I am not sure what came over me that day.  I sent the poster a Private Message simply saying I wanted to become a writer for him.  I still am not sure what came over HIM that day, but after a few messages……I was going to be a writer for his new magazine!  Just so it is clear….I was upfront about having no experience.  And he still welcomed me aboard. Joining the State Of Liberation Staff is the best “On A Whim” decision I have ever made!”

One morning after logging on to our staff chat, a ritual we all seem to follow to check in with everyone, Jordan prompted us to look at his recently published article titled “Versatile Blogger Award”.  A fellow writer (Jewel Elyse) had nominated our magazine after she had received the honor herself.  Not reading the article in it’s entirety, I went back to chat excited for us all.  Therefore, I had no idea Jordan had nominated me, until he told me to go back and continue reading.

In his nomination, Jordan explained how our paths crossed.  He commented on my writing,  stating that I made him laugh and cry on a regular basis.  That comment alone, inspires me to continue down this wonderful path.  It reassures me I have been successful getting my feelings out to the readers.  Jordan and the entire staff have truly become mentors, inspiration and I truly consider each one my friends.  Once again, “hats off” to us all!

When a Writer/Blogger receives the honor of being nominated, we are asked to fulfill a simple gesture of “paying it forward”.  Something I believe every individual should do during life anyway.  In addition to that, we are asked to share 7 things about ourselves to those we nominate.  So, I thought I would share those 7 things with the world.

Seven Little Things About Me:

  1.  I was born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana.

  2.  I am second oldest of seven.  I have five brothers and one sister (it’s complicated). You can read my article “Succumbing To Societal Pressure”  to get the scoop.

  3.  I have lived in some pretty amazing places in my adulthood including: Bloomington, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Austin, TX,  Nashville, TN,  Columbia, SC and now Seattle, WA.

  4.  I am the mother of three boys who have grown up to be three amazing young men, now ages 26, 24 and 23.7facts-1

  5.  I will never have a successful career as a Key Note Speaker or be Captain of the Debate Team (nor do I want to).  But, give me a pen and piece of paper and you will know exactly my thoughts and feelings.

  6.  The ultimate goal I have set for myself, is to write a book and have it published.

  7.  All the places I have lived, I resided in a suburban area.  Seven days ago we moved to the big city of Seattle.

My nominations for Versatile Blogger Award:

I have taken some time discovering other bloggers websites.  Being still fairly new, this has taken some time to do so and I realize there are many more to enjoy.  All the writers at State Of Liberation Magazine are unique personalities and very talented, so I didn’t have to venture far to learn from various styles of writing.  I have joined several different groups on Facebook and other platforms, which has given me the opportunity to network with bloggers outside of the magazine itself.  The toughest part of receiving this honor is deciding which writers to nominate.  Below is the list of five I decided on and the various reasons why.  Thank you to all of you for sharing your gift of writing styles and I hope you too will pay it forward to other deserving bloggers/writers.

The Bloggers who bring something special for me through their writing:mom-blog

Sybil Jones: Owner of  In addition, she is the Creator of Facebook Group Mamas and Coffee”, Owner of Facebook “Preshool2Teen“.  I met Sybil through State Of Liberation Magazine.  I felt a connection with Sybil from day one.  Like me, she is a Mom who experienced and survived the joys of raising children.  The knowledge that Moms just starting out will gain some day themselves.  I love reading Sybil’s pieces because she gets what Motherhood is all about, she has also had to “go with the flow” when the need to move her family to different locations.  In addition to supporting her husband and children, Sybil is a “tell it like it is” woman and writer who uses past experience, good or bad, as something to learn from and material for writing.  I relate to so much of what she expresses, no need for a lot of “fluff” and “sugar coating”.  Life is what it is, we choose how to view it and learn valuable life lessons. Thank you Sybil, I will see you at “Mamas and Coffee“.

Candice Chiu:  Owner of  Owner of Facebook Page Caged Chaos.  I also met Candice through State Of Liberation when she joined our writing tribe.  We writers make a habit of jumping on “staff chat” at some point during the day and I consider this “meeting”.  Because we all offer a wide range of personalities and life structure, “chat schedules” can vary.  Candice being somewhat like I am, not one to jump right into chatting at first.  Getting to know Candice took a little longer.  Often I sat back and soaked in the wisdom from those more “seasoned bloggers”.   We have since built a rapport and exchange information often.   I enjoy visiting Candice’s Personal Blog because she offers a little “twist” you don’t run across all the time.  Candice offers a variety of topics regarding the love of her pets, recipes (for humans and her pets) and entertains with her everyday life stories and adventures in her life.  Thank you for the entertainment and a smile when I need it.

Image by
Image by

Peace Kairu:  OwnerPeacedoesbeauty.comOwner of Facebook Page PeaceDoesBeauty.  Again, a very talented writer from State Of Liberation Magazine!  Peace is without a doubt a “Versatile Blogger”.  Although her Blog Website focuses on fashion and beauty, she clearly has many life interests and the ability to let her knowledge and feelings flow on to the paper.  Peace recently gave her  Personal Blog a make-over and she now provides stunning photos and brilliant fashion tips!  I love fashion and getting new fresh ideas and Peace provides all of that to her readers.  She also adds a bit of “Lifestyle” blogging which provides a very nice mix.  She is a very beautiful and fashion savvy woman.  Can’t wait to see what you do next, Peace!

I have had so much fun discovering and learning from those outside      of the magazine!

Susan Leighton: Owner,  Susan was one of the first readers to comment on one of my articles at State Of Liberation and she has continued to come back and be a loyal reader.  One of the things that drives me to write, is knowing readers are enjoying and engaging with the pieces I provide.  I absolutely love the interaction!  Susan’s Personal Blog provides something for every reader from music, movies, sports and travel…AND A WHOLE LOT MORE!  Her blogging style is very creative and versatile.  Woman On the Ledge is a very professional and organized site and Susan is one of the first Bloggers I came across outside of our magazine tribe and I have enjoyed gaining knowledge to better myself from a writer who knows what she is doing.  Thank you, Susan, for your comments on my pieces, for being a loyal supporter and contributing your insights and knowledge!

Elna Cain:  Owner/Creator/Blogging Coach/Freelance Writer,  It has only been about 3-4 weeks that I discovered Elna’s Website.  As my own personal website began gaining speed without much effort, it was obvious, I needed to take it to the next level.  Now, remember, prior to June 15, 2016, I knew absolutely nothing about blogging!  I have loved Pinterest for many years, now I am obsessed with Pinterest.  It has basically became my “Google Search” for all things Blog related.  After a day or two of searching for ideas from website themes, monetizing my blog, all the way to becoming a Freelance Writer, I repeatedly found myself clicking on Elna’s articles/Pins.  I am sure today I spent a good hour and a half on her resources alone!  Needless to say, Elna has quickly become one of my top two “Go To” gals for designing and monetizing my Personal Blog.  Thank you, Elna for sharing all that knowledge the way you do and being a Mom of TWINS at the same time!  You are a SAINT!!

mini-versatile-bloggerthank you, jordan and thank you bloggers for sharing the wisdom!

The Versatile Blogger Award was designed for Bloggers to recognize and support other Bloggers.  In the end, it is not a competition, rather we should consider ourselves one great big tribe.  For my nominees, if you are not familiar, you can find the guidelines for this award by following the link .  You can then grab your button and let your viewers see the hard work and feeling you put into your Blogs everyday!


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  1. Teresa – Thank you so much for nominating me for this award. I truly appreciate it! Your pieces have always been engaging and I have enjoyed them immensely. I am honored and very glad that you like what I do.

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