What an adventure!

As most of you have surely detected by now, I am just getting my site up and going, not to mention as of a month ago, I didn’t know the first thing about Blogging!  I jumped in full force and playing a little catch up as I learn.

First and most importantly, thank you for your patience while I do so and please keep checking back.  Although, the very first lesson I have learned is to write what you know and are passionate about, I do hope to offer something on a variety of topics many can relate to, from life experiences, travel, lifestyle to even sports!

I would love comments on your thoughts about articles…I love the interaction!  I already check on a regular basis and will respond quickly.  Also, feel free (AND PLEASE DO) leave your own blogs so I can visit you as well.  Writing is a beautiful thing and a definite gift from God, let’s share it, appreciate it and help each other out!

I also would greatly appreciate any “Tips and Tricks” you have to pass along to this “newbie” blogger.  Soon I will have a page dedicated just for that purpose.

ENJOY THE ADVENTURE!Keep-Calm-and-Rock-Your-Blog

5 thoughts on “What an adventure!

    1. Glad you stopped in, please don’t hesitate to share any tips or tricks you have discovered. Personally I know I could get completely overwhelmed with all the information out there if I let myself! 🙂

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  1. Well done for getting your blog going, I’m at the same stage really, it’s taking me hours to do the simplest of tasks, but it’s great fun 🤓


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