Some Days Drift Like A Distant Melody In The Wind…


“Then there are days like I have had today, which is more to the tune of Metallica!

From a melody to Metallica makes for a touch and go day. As you will see, it was not a total loss.  It was not as bad as having Metallica blaring at a volume of 10.  It was, however,  hovering at an 8 or 9.  And to my fellow readers,  I apologize if Metallica is your all time fave.

Today was a day I felt I worked really hard only to get very little accomplished.  I made coffee as usual when I got out of bed.  Turned on my laptop to start my routine. I enjoy checking our articles posted the evening before.  Then I proceeded sending out resumes.  My next task is to “share”

Follow the link below and read the entire article.  Take some time to check out our other amazing writers as well!

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