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Chicken Pastalaya from Threadgill’s – An Austin, Texas Landmark

Introduction – Austin, TX, Threadgill’s and Me

I lived in Austin, Texas for just a little over a year.  This is a very short time period, but it is long enough to realize Austin is one city that has amazing restaurants!  Fifteen months is also enough time to plan a wedding, get married and have a baby.  My oldest son was born in Austin, Texas.

While living in Austin, we ate at some very amazing restaurants, but my absolute favorite was Threadgill’s.  Threadgill’s located in Austin is a Landmark of Southern Comfort Food.   This Comfort Food establishment opened in 1933, originally a Gulf Gas station.  It was ran by Kenneth Threadgill who was better known for his yodeling ability, rather than his gas pumping record.

Image by davewilsonphotography.com

Threadgill’s became known as one of Austin’s most popular musical meccas after the well known, Janice Joplin, became a regular.  She began regularly attending their Wednesday late night jam sessions.  Over time many other well known musical legends frequented Threadgill’s.

Follow the link below to see the entire article and get the recipe for this wonderful dish!


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