Here And Now – What’s On My Mind? – A Writing Excercise

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Our Writer’s Challenges

As Writers at State Of Liberation, we have daily and weekly Writer’s Challenges.   Somewhat  of  a writing exercise you may have had in English Comp.   For our daily challenges, we are usually given a One Word Prompt. It is always  posted to our Team Page on Facebook.  Everyone uses that one word to write what ever they are feeling or what comes to mind.  Our weekly challenges tend to be a little more detailed, mind challenging and makes us really step out of our box.  Or at least that has happened to me on a few occasions.

Image by Teresa Branam Wilgus at State Of Liberation
Image by Teresa Branam Wilgus at State Of Liberation










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  1. Thanks for taking me on the ride, Terrieann. I always enjoy gaining insight into other writers’ processes. You are right. There is nothing better than letting the words flow from your brain uninterrupted and unedited. Sometimes I feel like someone else has taken possession of me and the story or the article takes on a life of its own. Particularly when I am writing screenplays, if I can hear an actor or actress in my head speaking the dialogue, I know I am on the right track. I enjoyed the glimpse into your “cave.” 🙂

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