Stereotype: Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover!

“You are what you wear”?

Have you ever been strolling down the sidewalk, pass someone and instantly stereotype them?  I know I have and chances are we all have a time or two.  I don’t necessarily think it makes us a bad person, society is known to put “labels” on people based on outward appearance.  If we then take that stereotyping of others to the next level and treat them accordingly by a look, gesture or a comment, then I that just might be a different story.

My boyfriend and I get stereotyped frequently.  We are not the adventurous kind when it comes to our clothing style.  Actually, we aren’t daring at all.  Somehow, we are still targets for certain people to make an instant judgement on us.  We both love to buy new articles to add to our wardrobe.  I am very blessed to have a guy who actually likes it as much as I do.  Infact, I think he just may have me beat!  We like clothes, we are especially addicted to jeans.  Wait….don’t form an opinion yet, keep reading.”

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Teresa discovered her passion for writing and sharing her work with others. Her drive to continue growing and learning is fueled by knowing she may be touching and helping a reader somehow. Teresa enjoys using her own personal life experiences as material for her articles. She firmly believes we as individuals have the choice as to how we look at life experiences whether they be good or bad. Teresa is a mom of three boys, seeing the outstanding young men they have become is the accomplishment that brings her the most joy in life. In her spare time she likes to get outside and take advantage of the beautiful Pacific Northwest summers and experiencing new adventures with her boyfriend of 5 1/2 years. She is an admitted football fanatic and loves the excitement of participating in Fantasy Football with her sons, boyfriend, family and friends from the Pacific Northwest, Florida and Indiana! The only work she have had published, is a poem published in Creativity Magazine when she was in the 8th grade. She has always enjoyed writing, however it wasn’t until encouraged by a professor and a few friends that she realized writing just might be the “Gift” God gave her. Teresa is preparing her Freelance/Content Writing Services for Launch in February 2017. Services are available for businesses and corporations of all sizes and also to those Bloggers wanting to enhance their own content for readers. Her ultimate goal is to have a book published based on personal experiences in her own life and hopes it is not only entertaining and engaging, but might also help some reader, somewhere, somehow.

6 thoughts on “Stereotype: Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover!

  1. I also love shopping at Goodwill and other little thrift store boutiques. It would be nice to have a Value Village around. You and your boyfriend are living proof Teresa that style doesn’t have to be equated with a price tag!

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