New Communications Tool For Facebook

“A new communications tool to be launched by Facebook on Monday.

Many business owners are familiar with the Facebook At Work.  Facebook will  launch a new communications tool on Monday, October 17th. The new tool is called Workplace by Facebook.  Workplace is replacing Facebook At Work, offering avenues for users to perform actual work and stay in touch with co-workers, beyond photo sharing and campaign chatting.  The new version promises to be Ad-free and will not be connected to users’ existing Facebook account.

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Workplace by Facebook will be available to businesses, non-profit and other organizations.  Businesses signup as an organization, pay a monthly fee based on their number of users and will not be charged for inactive users.

The new communications tool will be free for non-profit agencies.  Fees ranges are said to be $3.00 (US) per person, per month from 1-1,000 users, $2.00 for 1,001 – 10,000 and $1.00 (US) for those over 10,000 users.  There are no unlimited versions for free, however,  Facebook will offer a 3 month trial for free version.”

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