Ten Years From Now…..

My ideas regarding the Writer’s Prompt Today.

Although the Prompt does not specifically indicate “Where I See Myself”, that is where my mind goes.  At this point in my life, I have attended many interviews and this is one of those questions that always makes me think.

For many years, my answer would remain the same, depending of course where I was living at the time.  Much of my professional career was spent in the Dental Field.  For a long time I had the desire to continue my education and become a Dental Hygienist.  Life changed and priorities and goals changed right along with it.

At one point I stepped into Office Management which brought new goals.  I accomplished many of the sights I set my eyes on, but something in the drive and motivation began to fade.  The field in and of itself took a major change which changed the atmosphere and in some cases changed the moral of the office.

Sorting out the positives of a situation and moving forward.Brave Feature.jpg

Ten years from starting in the Dental field, I found myself leaving.  Many factors lead to this my leaving, but I will say it was in no way in my ten year plan.  Not only was dentistry not in my life, I was suddenly unemployed.  Talk about not being in a “10 Year From Now Plan”!

The year 2016 was a true Year Of Change for me.  Some of the changes not welcomed with open arms at the time and some were pleasant surprises.  Nevertheless, they were changes one after another.  Leaving me needing time to slow down and organize my thoughts.

On more than one occasion, I questioned if the Light At The End Of The Tunnel would ever so much as flicker.  Times got rough and then even rougher, honestly it’s not smooth sailing yet.

It’s a New Year and I’ve gathered the positives from 2016 and put them in my “Good Bucket”.  Somedays I require a gentle reminder (some days a hard nudge) to continue to fill that good bucket with positives.  The world around us handles that “Bad Bucket” just fine on it’s own.

Ten Year’s From Now…….?cropped-roses-mgd.jpg

At the beginning of this Writer’s Challenge piece, I mentioned how the question always made me stop and think.

It still does, that has not changed!  The difference now though, I have basically been given a blank canvas.  Providing I eventually find the resources I need, I can make it what I want.  Discovering those resources has proven to be quite a challenge, but I am gaining a wealth of knowledge along the way.

So, I will continue on my journey of writing to make my dreams from childhood come true.  The year 2016 as challenging as it was, gave an chance like none other.  A glimmer of hope I might be able to have a career using the passion I have inside.  Although, sometimes we may feel like following our dreams sounds crazy; it would be crazy to give it all up.

Ten years from now I will have successfully gotten my Freelance and Content Writing off the ground, my Personal Blog will have satisfied readers and profitable. As far as that book I said I would write so many years ago, hopefully it has been published and I’m working on the second one.

In some ways these seem like pretty “lofty” goals to set.  Life will go on with its ups and downs as it does.  These 10 year goals will be revisited and adjusted more than once.

Your turn now to fill in the blanks. Use the comment section below.

“Ten Years From Now………….”




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