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How To Make A Writer’s Challenge Work For You

When just venturing into the Blogging World, there are so many things to learn and consider.  Accepting or choosing

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to participate in Writer’s Challenge, might not be something you consider at first.  I, myself, haven’t been blogging for all that long.  My blogging adventures just began June 2016  at State Of Liberation, Lifestyle Magazine on Launch Day. (which by the way has HUGE changes coming on February 1st!).  DON’T MISS OUT!

As crazy as it may seem, jumping in with both feet with no experience, worked for me.  Kind of like Forrest Gump ran, I just wrote, wrote and wrote.  That was the easy part, I could do that!  I have a lot of life experiences for material and putting the thoughts in my head into an article wasn’t so tough.

My Disclaimer:  I  asked a multitude of “Newbie Questions” and the more experienced writer’s graciously answered them all.”

As time went on, I gained more knowledge.  I had come across Writer’s Challenges of various kind through PinterestFacebook and a few other social media platforms.   However, actually deciding to become involved in one, wasn’t on my “To Do” list.  Thoughts such as, “I am no way experienced enough.” and questioning my abilities to be successful held me back.

When the time comes and a “Challenge” presents itself.

JUST DO IT!  That’s right, I strongly encourage you to do it.

We here at “State Of Liberation” utilize our  Facebook Group and staff chat regularly to communicate.  Our Creator,Chief Editor and Writer put up a post one day announcing a Challenge.  He would post a “Daily One Word Prompt” as well as a “Weekly Prompt” varying from an image, a quote or an image with a quote.

Participation in the Challenges was left up to us.  We could do them all if our time allowed or join in when we could.  However, participation was encouraged simply to help us grow as writer’s and possibly try writing a piece outside of our normal “niche”.

A bit of that intimidation crept over me the first few prompts I accepted.  Soon I discovered, it’s not as scary as I thought.  Getting the hang of what it was all about.  Realizing it wasn’t so tough to let my imagination expand, I felt pretty good about my abilities to succeed.

Daily Prompt Question:  Do you think you are brave?

I replied to Jordan’s “Comment” giving me this prompt with a simple, “NO”.

He, too, simply replied, “You are braver than you think you are.”

Great!  I had already accepted the challenge and deep down inside, I knew I couldn’t “Opt Out”.  So, I sat down at my laptop, not a clue where to take this.  You see, “Brave” was never a word I would use to describe myself.

From what I can remember, it took quite a bit of thinking and a few starts and restarts to finally get going on an idea.  It was a tough piece to write for me personally.  In the end, I just wrote what was inside of me at the time.  Turns out, I was very satisfied with this difficult challenge and absolutely grew as a writer.  The piece from this Daily

Image by Pixabay.com, licensed for use with modification. Modifications by Teresa Branam Wilgus, State Of Liberation

Challenge,Finding My Shade Of Brave”  showed me things about myself, I might not have otherwise discovered.

Now when I received my challenge prompts, they weren’t so intimidating.  This is not to say some didn’t stump me at first and require a little more soul searching.  In fact, one day after checking in for what was next, I got a severe case of “Writer’s Block”.  You know what I mean, it happens to the best of writers every now and then.

Being tired of not knowing what to put into words, I decided to use it as a writing exercise and take my audience along for the ride.  Sitting down at the laptop, I began writing about the problem. The problem being not having any thoughts on what to write.

The prompt was, “Here And Now”.  The article produced was, “Here And Now – What’s On My Mind? – A Writing Exercise” .  At the very least, I was having fun with it by the end and it was possibly entertaining to some.

Many benefits accompany participation in “Writer’s Challenges”.

Enhancing your writing by exploring new topics and expanding the imagination helps no matter how “seasoned” the writer.  It may be the more experienced you become, the harder the challenge you choose. As we gain knowledge and experience with life, the outcome of a “prompt” may be completely different than in the past.

Image by Pixabay.com

Choosing to jump in on one of the many Challenges available can help to boost your traffic on your Personal Blog if you are diligent and network with others.  This does take commitment, but a very good experience.  For me personally, I love discovering new writers and bloggers.  Discovering new ideas and getting to know others who share the same passion is motivating and rewarding to me.

Challenges also provide topics you may not otherwise consider.  By participating regularly, you will have consistent content for your blog posts.

Be sure to write an initial post with a “link” back to the sign up.  Then encourage your readers to join in with you and make it an interactive event.  This will help to build regular viewers coming back to your website.

Pick the Challenge you are comfortable with, yet try to push yourself at the same time.

Being brand new to blogging when my first Challenge came along, it didn’t take much to challenge my writing skills.  As I mentioned, at first although challenging, not as hard as I had imagined.  Then finally the prompt came requiring me to dig down a little deeper.  The lessons I took away from that Challenge, not only made me grow as a writer, but taught me a few things about myself personally.  A “win-win” activity any way you look at it.

The last week of December 2016, I came across a Challenge and decided to join and push myself a bit.  It is a “30 Day Challenge” for the month of January.  The Challenge is the “Boost Your Blog” Challenge , hosted by SavingMoreMoneyThanMe and bloggerPR!.  The Challenge runs through the month of January, providing a prompt everyday.

Of course my goal when I set out was to do a post every single day those 30 days.  Unfortunately, two of the days so far I was unable to post.  Being slightly disappointed that situation had to occur, I am still able to grow from those missed days.  The prompts are there (good ones, I will say) ready to use at some point when I am in need of a topic.

Finally, have a good time with it and see how much you grow!

With the abundance of Writer’s Challenges available, finding the one to suit you should not be too hard.  Simply go to websites such as “Pinterest” and search boards and pins or “Facebook Groups” have a lot of information for bloggers of all niches.  Use the platforms you might already be active with and network with others participating.

Jordan, here at State Of Liberation, actually has Challenged himself through this year.  You can follow his challenge and interact as he goes.  His is an inspiring Challenge, I encourage you to start by reading his first post, A Year Of Blogging” which explains his Challenge.

Image by pexels.com

Blogging is not a competition.  We each may have our own fuel that drives the passion, but in the end we can grow and learn together.  Feel free to use the comment section below to leave the link to Writing Challenges you recommend, leave comments and as always leave a link to your Personal Blog (Challenge or No Challenge)  I love the Networking and discovering New Content from others!)

Image by Pixabay.com
Image by Pixabay.com

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