Mark Your Calendars Now!!

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A change is coming, stop by and sign up for the “scoop”; Don’t Miss Out!

On several occasions I have written about how I started my writing adventures.  And, what an adventure it has been!  I have continued to be a Contributing Writer for State Of Liberation Lifestyle Magazine.  It is impossible to say if I would be a Writer/Blogger now if it wasn’t for this wonderful group of people, I can assure you, it would not be the same experience

We are a group of writers from all walks of life, from all over the world.  I am amazed at the collaboration that goes on among us and bonds that have been developed.  Most of us have not met face-to-face, however it feels as if we have.  We like to call ourselves a “Tribe”.  And, we are just that!  If a writer is in need or has a question, we pop on our staff Facebook Chat and you are guaranteed another writer is on as well.  Within no time, a fellow writer or two is at your side ready and willing to help.

The variety of personalities and views within our tribe, allows us to provide truly something for everyone!

Well, the “Tribe” is making awesome changes for our readers!

On February 1, 2017 our name will change to The Collective Voice Lifestyle Magazine!  The title sums up what we are all about perfectly.  We truly are a collective voice.  Like I said, we are a tribe of writers from all walks of life, all types of views from all over the world.  We have all come together to create a magazine for our readers.

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Each and everyone one of us share the same passion for writing and it shows through in the magazine content.  This is a Tribe of Writers I proudly call friends as well.  When you are lucky enough to pull together a group like this, there are no boundaries as to what creative goals you can achieve!

I honestly didn’t think I would be putting this in writing, but…..

I have morphed into a “Writer’s Challenge” fanatic and supporter.  Yep, you got it here, folks.  Visit my article How To Make a Writer’s Challenge Work For You and you will see what I am mean.  The article I explains my experience with the first Challenge I joined.  I absolutely feel I grew with leaps and bounds.  Discovered what I truly was CAPABLE of when I put my mind to it.

Actually, you, my readers, we at State Of Liberation have began our Daily, Weekly and Monthly Challenges back up again.  Writing this article now, spawned my first piece for our Daily One Word Prompt: Capable.

Will will find a “Tab” in the main menu labeled “Writer’s Challenges”.  Below that is a “tab” labelled “The Collective Voice”.  As our writers publish their posts to the Challenge, I will publish them here so you too can follow.  Join us in the fun and see what we come up with.  For me, some are “no brainers” and some make me wish I had a second brain!

If you are a writer or blogger looking for somewhere to have fun and exercise your talents, check us out on Facebook.

We are by no means a closed tribe!  In fact, quite the opposite.  This group is not only fun, we welcome others to join in the fun.  So, check out our Group on Facebook, “Vibe The Tribe”  and let us know you are interested.  And you are always welcome to let me know by sending me a message or using the comment section below.  We would love to have you!

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Now, go ahead and check us out – get in on the ground level of all the excitement!! 

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