I’m Just Not Sure? Inauguration Thoughts.

“7:59 am Pacific Standard Time, January 20, 2017.

I woke up about 5:30 am this morning thinking I would get some things done while it was still quiet.  An article or two have been on my mind lately and I wanted to get a few more resumes submitted today.

Turning on the television to watch the “pre” Inaugural events, which was not on my morning “To Do” list.

I like the silence early in the morning, no television, no dog, no significant other asking me questions or wanting to chat (I do love him dearly!).

An hour and a half later, resumes have been sent and an article started.  My mind began to think about what is about to start in our countries Capitol today.  Like it or not, we are getting a new President.  Curiousity got to me and on goes the local news.

The first “shot” I see when the news appears.……….”

Continue reading my thoughts from these moments by clicking the image below….

Image by en.Wikimedia.org
Image by en.Wikimedia.org


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