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Championship Sunday; What’s Your Prediction?

Well, how did your Fantasy Season do for you?  Mine, not so good!

If you participate in Fantasy Football, I hope your Season fared better than mine.  I will not elaborate on the specifics.  Let’s just say, “Fantasy Football 2016-2017 was not a great year for me.”

I would love to lay blame on the drafts, but I can not.

No, it wasn’t due to injuries, suspensions or trades.

This Fantasy Season for me was a prime example of, “Don’t Do As I Do, Do As I Say!”  I did not pay attention like I should have.  “Bye Weeks” happened and I didn’t bench players, I had weeks I did not get my picks completed on time.  We live and we learn, they say.  I simply did not put in the little bit of time and effort to participate fully.

It happens.

Now for the matter at hand, Championship Sunday!

So, Football Fans, here is where the Season stands.  We are going in to the Championship Games today with two games happening.  The four teams jockeying for Super Bowl positions and the lineup for today are:”

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Football Series Feature
Image from Morguefile.com

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