Breaking Down Pac-12 Schedules: The North

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The Pac-12 released their schedules about a week and a half ago. A hallmark of offseason banter is dissecting schedules to determine how difficult a season might be for any one team. When does a team get their bye week? Who does Team A start their conference schedule against? Will a stretch of three games be a make-or-break for Team B?



As I mentioned in the Pac-12 South post, Cal and UCLA have a habit of scheduling strong out-of-conference schedules. While that bodes well for the fan, it doesn’t always bode well for these schools. Cal goes on the road to play UNC while hosting Ole Miss in week three. Both of those programs have strong recent history, but both will be in a redefining year with each team losing a tenured quarterback. There are no easy games in the Pac-12, but playing both USC and Colorado are not…

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