Liebster Award 2017 – My Nominations; Turned Short Story!

First, I need to express my gratitude for being nominated for the Liebster Award in 2016!

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In October, 2016, I was notified by a reader that she had nominated me for the Liebster Award.  For those not familiar, here is an explanation as to what the Liebster Award represents:  

“The Liebster Award 2017 is an award that exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.”

~The Global Aussie

We shall get more in depth later in the post when it is MY turn to nominate!


Thank you, Susan!

Susan Leighton, womanontheledge,  has been reading and following my posts early in my Blogging Journey.  Susan is the type of Reader and Fellow Writer any Blogger would love to have.  As for me, I thoroughly enjoy the interaction between those reading a post and myself.  That networking alone is what makes Blogging and Content Writing so much fun!

When Susan stops by either here at Midwest Girl’s Dreams or at the magazine (State Of Liberation soon to be The Collective Voice Lifestyle Magazine on February 1, 2017) she will always “Like”, “Comment”, “Share” or all of the above!  After I began learning about the Blogging World, it did not take me long to realize not only the importance of Networking with others, but how much fun it is to “Share The Blogging Love”

I became aware Susan had nominated me when she stopped by, read and commented on one of my posts.  Her comment was simply a “Oh, btw, I nominated you…”.  Being somewhat new to the whole blogging gig, I was absolutely SHOCKED!  I went to Susan’s Blog immediately and would like to share what I read:

“Teresa Branam Wilgus’ Midwest Girl’s Dreams ( fellow 50-year-old who decided to follow her passion and become a writer. Teresa’s blog is filled with introspections and life observations that engage her readers and encourage interaction.”

~Susan Leighton, Woman On The Ledge

Susan Leighton GET’S IT!  So, again and as always, thank you so much, Susan!

For those of you reading, I do strongly encourage each of you to visit Susan’s Blog at:  Susan is an extremely talented writer.  I feel very lucky that she came across one of my posts and saw something she wanted to revisit.  REALLY! GO VISIT HER BLOG!!

Find Official Rules for 2017 by Clicking ——- Image by

Now I get to fulfill my “Liebster Award 2016 Nominee Responsibilities”; well, most of them.

As the image above says “Discover New Blogs”.

Those words describe another reason why I write!

I absolutely love discovering new blogs, new styles, new views and new topics!  All play into the Networking and Interaction.  All will enhance your content for the Reader, bringing them back which will enhance your Personal sites traffic.  The way I see it,  It’s a Circle ~~ A Very Beneficial Circle!!

Therefore, I have taken some time on carrying out my responsibilities.  My nomination (as mentioned) came in October 2016.  As far as I can see, there is no deadline to”Pay It Forward” so I took advantage of discovering new writers.

Before I give you my Nominees, I must explain one thing.  In the Liebster Award 2016 Rules, it states I need to pick a FAVORITE BLOGGER and produce a 150-500 word posts as to why.


With all the variety of Bloggers I have experienced, I now categorize my favorites.  They are all special for many different reasons.  All have “touched” me for a special reason.  Therefore, I am choosing to move on the what I absolutely LOVE!


I firmly believe in “Paying It Forward”!  I get a thrill out of making others happy!  So, let’s get to it!!

Well, one more thing….IT’S STILL ALL ABOUT ME, FOLKS!! 

One of my duties for the award is to give you 10 Random Facts About Me.

Image by
Image by

Here you go, some of you reading may or may not know these facts:


10 Random Facts You May or May Not Care To Know About Me

  •  I was born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana.



  • I am the proud Mom of 3 boys!! By now you all probably knew this…but I will NEVER pass up the opportunity to say it again!  They are now amazing young men and MAMMA’S PRIDE AND JOY!  If anyone hasn’t picked up on how I really feel, click this link and maybe it will explain a bit better  —————->  Three Little Superheros Grow Up.


  • In 2015 I welcomed turning 50 with open arms!  We are never too old to learn new things and follow our dreams….so DREAM BIG!!!


  • I AM A CHIC WHO IS A FOOTBALL FANATIC!  I have been participating in Fantasy Football for several years now.  I love to write about it and have done a few posts in a Series with
    Image Created on by Teresa Branam Wilgus, Midwest Girl's Dreams
    Image Created on by Teresa Branam Wilgus, Midwest Girl’s Dreams

    my son as my “Guest Blogger”.  Check it out at:  Fantasy Football 101.


  • I am a Contributing Writer for an online magazine formerly known as, State Of Liberation Lifestyle Magazine.  We have a brand new name and image.  Our Re-Launch Day is February 1, 2017.   We are off line right now and when we return, we will be known as The Collective Voice Lifestyle Magazine.   Follow this link and read about our FREE, yes FREE SHORT STORY WRITING CONTEST! ———————————>  Written By ?????  
  • I am a hopeless Romantic, always have been and always will be.  I believe you can truly fall in love with someone and even when Life pitches that Curve Ball, that true love does not go away.  True Love of a significant other can mature into a different kind of love,if both choose to view it as a gift.  Being a Romantic at heart, I believe we all have Soul Mates.  Soul Mates of all kind.  I am one of the lucky ones who happen to have fallen in Love with one of mine.  We met a little more than 7 years ago.  We both know that no matter what our future brings, NO ONE will take away the true connection we have.  It from the moment we met.  Bob eloquently says once in a while, “Babe, whether we like it or not, we will always be in each others lives somehow.”  I am one of the fortunate ones and have experienced both in my life.  Follow this link and read all about it—————–> Looking For Love In All The Wrong Place; I Did It My Way!


  • I Lost my Mom in May 2015.  She was my Best Friend and although her passing does get easier to manage, I continue to think about her and miss her daily.  I know she is fully aware about my discovering Writing, I so wish I could hear what she thinks!  If you choose not to follow any of the above links, I would be forever grateful if everyone would follow this one (THIS AWARD NOMINATION IS DEDICATED TO YOU, MOMMA!  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH)—————-Still Picking Up The Phone To Call Her. memorial-candle-saras-wedding


  • I AM VERY MUCH AN INTROVERT!!   Hard to believe but true, for the most part.  There are a couple exceptions like when I get together with my siblings and I talk about my children.  Putting my thoughts into words and communicating them verbally does not come natural.  However, give me a pen and paper (or laptop) and I think you can see what happens!


Thanks for your attention, Now it is all about YOU!! – My Nominees for the Liebster Award 2017

Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 200 followers. (Note that you can always ask the blog owner this since not all blogs display a widget that lets the readers know this information!) ~ The Global Aussie.

There many reasons I have chose the following Nominees.  Each has their own special way they have touched me as a Writer/Blogger.  Those ways range from doors opening for me to discover my passion, creativity, ambition, natural talent for putting thoughts and views into entertaining content, drive to those who tell it like it is and share their experiences in Life’s Journey.  My list is as follows:

Collective Voice Lifestyle Magazine (formerly State Of Liberation) As I will not give a long explanation for each, this one I will say a few words.  Many of you know, Jordan Zeitler, Owner/Writer/Chief Editor gave me the opportunity of a lifetime by opening my Window of Opportunity.  I will write for this magazine until they kick me out!  Please come visit the amazing Tribe of writers when we launch on February 1st.  Follow the link above to get in now and enter our Free Short Story Contest!

Jordan Zeitler, Owner, Collective Voice Magazine, Owner Facebook Groups “Collective Voice Magazine” and “Vibe The Tribe”.  In addition to the reasons stated above, Jordan is an outstanding and inspirational Writer.  Truly knows how to put his thoughts into words for others to enjoy and learn.

Image by The Collective Voice Lifestyle Magazine
Image by The Collective Voice Lifestyle Magazine

Tyane Milam, Owner “boymomblessed”,  “BoyMom Blessed” Facebook Page.  Tyane is a talented Writer at Collective Voice Magazine, a Mom of all boys and has the passion to write about it freely.

Jewel Elise, Owner,  “Write Away, Mommy”,  Facebook Group, “Write Away, Mommy”.  Jewel is an expressive and inspiring Writer, also from Collective Voice Magazine.  She is a Mom who writes about the experience and a published author.

Crystal Gard, Owner,  “GardHub Personal Lifestyle Blog”.  Crystal has a gift of expression using few words.  Her poetry has deep meaning and her true feelings are evident.  She is also a Writer with “Collective Voice Magazine” and keeps her readers up to date on the Movie Scoop through her film reviews.

Sybil Jones, Owner,  “A Moms Blog”, “Preschool2Teen”,  Facebook Group “Mamas and Coffee”.   What can I say?  Sybil is a Mom, a Writer who (like me) “puts it out there”.  She is a Writer at “Collective Voice Magazine” who I could relate to right away.  She is an amazing Mom and Woman providing an outlook on life to the readers, they may not have seen by themselves.

Samantha Hatcher, Owner, “Inspired By Lucile”.   Samantha is a gifted Writer I also met at “Collective Voice Magazine”.  A Lifestyle Blogger who Mission is to help others by writing about her past as well as the present.  She has set out to empower women whatever walk of life the encounter.  I have a drive very much like Samantha and applaud her passion to encourage her readers.

Mitch Teemley, Owner, “”,  President, “Moriah Media Production Company”.  I became familiar with Mitch’s Blog through WordPress.  Specifically the article titled “Real Fatherhood”.  There are many “Mom Bloggers” (as there should be) however, I was immediately impressed with the way he shared the views from a Father.  I applaud all men and Dad’s particularly who share their journey through a Father’s Eyes!

Okoto Oke Enigma, Owner, “Okoto Oke Enigma’s Blog” and Facebook Page, “Okoto Enigma’s Blog”  This young Lady is extremely talented and I am so happy that she shares so freely!  She has an open mind and clearly has that God Given Gift and passion for writing.  I became familiar with Okoto through her “Following” and “Liking” my published articles at “State Of Liberation”.  I recently have become a huge fan.  Don’t worry though, Okoto, I am not a “stalker” only “stalker-ish” 🙂

Brad Wilgus, Owner, “Second Take Sports”.  If you are wondering if it is just a coincidence that our last names are the same, “No, it is not a coincidence our last names are the same.”.  Brad (Bradley as Mom calls him) and his brothers have been sports lovers since they were quite young.  It wasn’t until I, myself, entered the Blogging World, I was informed he had been blogging for a while.  This in no way shocked me.  Bradley has always stayed up-to-date with Sports Players, Rules and rattles off stats like he is a Sports Encyclopedia.  This website is packed full of articles pertaining to College Football, Professional Football, Professional Baseball, and Soccer.  They also have a Category for “Sports News And Reaction”,  which I am not surprised.  As I mentioned prior, he and his two brothers always sat around stating sports news and atleast one would have a reaction.

Image by
Image by

So, “What happens next, you ask?”

First of all, I again, thank Susan Leighton for my nomination.  I fell under the “Liebster Award 2016″  Category.  There is no time limit to nominate the Blogs you have discovered recently, ones that stand out for whatever reason or resonated with you somehow.  I took my sweet time with this.  My goal was to come up with a mix of Bloggers and Writers.  My thoughts in dong so, is this would spread the “Blogging Love” among a variety of Niches while also providing my readers with the opportunity to discover new Blogs yourself.

Now, for you Nominees you can find the “Official Rules for Liebster Award 2017” by clicking the image above (noted directly below image).  Or by following the link:  

We as Bloggers/Writers need to continue to support one another.  Networking is extremely beneficial and I find it exciting!  Have fun with this award and I hope you choose to accept it if you wish.  And, please….if you choose to accept and display the “Badge”, I only ask one thing, “Please pay it forward.”


This Is Not A Competition, My Friends.



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    1. You are very welcome! I think much like you when it comes to quality Blogging! I was told when I began, “Never let anyone guide your pen. Write straight from the heart”. I have sat down many times without a clue what was going to be produced!

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