Immigration Ban On My Doorstep: Rally for Daniel Ramirez Medina

“What started out like every other morning took a bit of a turn.

As I woke this morning, all seemed like a normal Friday morning.  Little did we know what was brewing at the Seattle Federal Courthouse.

I remembered we were starting a four-day weekend, Monday being President’s Day.  Although I do not head to an office in the morning, four-day weekends allow me to relax an extra day.  Realizing this gave me a little more pep in my step as I headed to turn on my laptop.  Unfortunately, the other difference was Windows 7 choosing to install some upgrades.,,,,,,,,,”

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One thought on “Immigration Ban On My Doorstep: Rally for Daniel Ramirez Medina

  1. Well, Friends……I promised in this article I would keep you all posted of the “happenings” this President’s Day Weekend.

    I honestly kept an eye and ear out for rallies, protests, etc. I will have to say, the Greater Seattle area was quite quiet! Bob and I had a discussion tonight and agree we are a little surprised.

    I take this as a positive. I am not opposed to “friendly” demonstrations as we live in a Country of Freedom. Violent or destructive protests accomplish nothing (in my opinion). Thank you citizens of Greater Seattle, I go to bed tonight with continued hope that we as a Country can work as a PEOPLE.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful President’s Day Weekend!

    Enjoy your week!


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