What Is Your Emotion When Hearing, “It Is What It Is”?

“It is what it is”….. “At the end of the day”…..and so on and so on…

“I am pretty sure, “Yes it is what is and it has to be that way!  For a very long time, that little phrase, did not spark the best emotion.  At times, should something not go as planned and someone offered those words,  I wanted to explain, “Well I don’t like what it is!  Let’s switch it up!”………..”

Read what how I feel about this phrase by clicking the image below…….


3 thoughts on “What Is Your Emotion When Hearing, “It Is What It Is”?

  1. I have used that phrase many times in my life. Usually it is right before I tell myself to forget about it, Susan, it’s Chinatown. In other words, there are situations that you can’t change in life and you might as well expend that energy for something more worthwhile. Well written article, Teresa!

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    1. I could not agree more, Susan! It has not been too long ago that I refused to accept it. Divorce happened, it was mutual and accepting that phrase made us be able to work to find a new normal for our 3 sons. What a time saver this knowledge has been!

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