How I Get To Do What I Love!

It’s not all just fun and games

As those of you who are Bloggers, Writers, Photographers, basically anyone trying to promote their brand as a Creative, kthe above statement is true.

When I was first offered the opportunity to write and actually put it out for others to read, I honestly thought of it as a hobby and nothing more.  I had no idea what the future could possibly hold or people actually made a living doing what they love.  Time went on and a whole different picture was painted for me.  Is there really the slightest possibility of making a career doing what you love everyday?

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That is insane!

For several months, I had it easy.  I wrote a piece with images and all, hit “save to draft” and off it went to our Editor at Collective Voice Magazine (State Of Liberation at the time). He took it from there and I got to go start another article.  Easy as pie!

The more I discovered networking and promoting my articles through every social network I knew of, the more I discovered how many people do this as a career.  I was living under a rock, no more like a bolder.  The sharing and promoting and showing the Blog Love to others is not a job for the weak.  No sir, it is time consuming and a full time job figuring out what works best for you!  However, don’t get me wrong.  The interaction with other more seasoned writers became amazing.


What? You want me to write an article for your magazine? Is this a scam?

My exact thoughts after being approached by another owner of an online magazine who had started following me on Twitter.  You see, I never was a big “Tweeter”.  In fact, after being informed the platform was a great way to promote, I discovered I had an account.  Signed up in 2009, made one Tweet, had 2 followers and nothing else.

So, when the owner of The Wisdom Ninja Magazine”  sent me a private message on Twitter, my first thought was, “Really, Dude?”  I have never admitted that but it is true.  Honestly, I thought Jordan was the only crazy magazine owner (Jordan is Owner of Collective Voice Magazine).  Gave me a chance to write with no experience.  Nope, the offer was on the up and up and someone was actually interested in my writing.

Again, all I knew was I loved putting my thoughts into words.  It was easy.  So, when someone commented on my content,  it threw me momentarily.  Naive as it may sound, I thought everyone was able to write.  I couldn’t make sense of thoughts being in your head and not having the ability to put them on paper.  It took a “light bulb moment” with my significant other to flip the switch.  He is an extrovert, talks to everyone, doesn’t know a stranger and word verbally flow out of him.

Bob once said to me (who analyzes every word out of my mouth before they are said), “Babe, I don’t get it.  If the words are in your head,   Why so tough to get them out? ”  Of course that was hard for me to verbally explain.  I should probably write it down!

Getting off track, here.  As it turns out, The Wisdom Ninja  was a real magazine and Alex a real person.  So, the result, I wrote and had published an article for him.  The article, if you missed it, is“How I Wisdom From A Millennial”.    I hope you take some time to visit the magazine and check out my article.  This magazine is another one of those providing content for everyone.


I want to make a living doing what I love too!

After it dawned on me there might be something to this making a career doing what you dreamed of all your life, I decided to move forward.  I still have so much to learn.  However, I learned right out of the shoot it takes time, money, and getting material out so readers recognize you.  This does not happen over night, folks.  But right now, I have all the time in the world.  Unexpectedly unemployed for 15 months now.

In my regular morning routine now, I have incorporated sending out resumes for content writers, freelance, etc.  All while developing my Freelance Writing Service (which I also knew nothing about)  just winging it I suppose.  Self taught.  The first time another Blogger said “Pitch” to me, yes…it was “Googled”.  SHAMELESS PITCH:  If you know of anyone who needs a good writer/blogger, you know where to reach me :).

The moral of my story here, is this.

A couple months after sending my resume and portfolio to a few magazines, I was contacted and offered the opportunity to join their writing staff.  An advantage of working from home, one can have many irons in the fire.

The magazine is “TheThings”.    The blogging is a type of writing I have not experienced.  The audience tending to be a younger average age.  I look at this as an opportunity to expand my knowledge and writing techniques.  I have found I thoroughly enjoy learning and am regularly amazed at how vast the blogging world really is.  I guess I am a writer who goes against the grain, I swim up stream.  As much as there is probably something to be said when it comes to finding your niche and sticking to it.  For me, after I was challenged months back to step out of my creativity box, articles I never saw myself writing have been put in print.

My article is titled:  “15 Memes That Accurately Sum Up Waiting For Spring” .  One thing here.   It took texts to my sons to get a full understanding what a Meme is all about and what websites I should go to.  The articles in this magazine are more like “List Articles” something very much different than what I am use to.  So, please follow the above link and see my first published piece.  Use the comment section below to give me feedback.

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