A Beautiful Transformation of My Soul


We’re Having A Baby!!!

I remember being able to say those words the very first time just a short 26 years ago, then 22 months after that and only 15 months later again.  Emotions were completely different each time from the moment they were spoken to the moment I delivered. It’s the most beautiful transformation.

My oldest niece and I have a very special bond and always have, especially since she was the first girl on my father’s side of the family since I was born.  As she grew up, similarities became very clear that we were related. Certain pictures of her made people do a double take to make sure it really wasn’t me. As she grew and matured there is no doubt, yes, she is a “mini-me”.  I have three absolutely amazing sons, so I have always thought of her as the daughter I never had.    

Image by Moongarden.tripod.com
Image by Moongarden.tripod.com

A few weeks ago I received a private message over Facebook from her  (we will call her “Ashley” for privacy purposes).  This message below warmed my heart and became the final inspiration for this article.  It truly brought tears to my eyes.  All those who know me and reading this piece are say, “Well, that doesn’t take much.” No, it doesn’t, especially when someone dear to me is embarking on a spectacular adventure.  Ashley gets it, I know she does.

The message from Ashley read:

July 15, 2016


“Hi!!! So I am telling dads family on Tuesday when Jimmy and the boys are in town but wanted you to be one of the first to know, Josh and I are pregnant! We’ll have a new Branam baby next year. It’s still a secret for a few more weeks on social media but wanted you to know. Love and miss you so much!”


“Yay! Sweetie I am so happy for you both!  What a beautiful life experience you are about to go on. I could sit here and try to explain what having a child will do to you as a woman…and many will during this adventure you are about to take.

But I honestly believe it changes you down to your soul like NOTHING else I have experienced and only God really knows how and why.  I still do not know if all women have that change or just us lucky ones. It is exciting, so enjoy the ride. I still get tears when I talk or write about the feeling when they lay that precious baby that is a part of you in your arms. There is no love like a mother’s love.  Maybe not for all, but you are a beautiful soul and I just know deep down inside you absolutely will be one of Mom’s who get to feel that change.  I LOVE you sweetie and miss you too.”

Honestly, I am not completely convinced there are any perfect words to tell an expectant mom how you will feel when it’s time to welcome that precious miracle into the world.  Sure there are many books and magazines and in today’s world a “mom to be” can find anything online. 

The books available these days aren’t just for Mommy anymore!

My go to book every pregnancy was “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”.  I absolutely would encourage all expecting new moms to find the ones that work for you.  These books add to the excitement of preparing for that little being you are bringing into this world.  There are even books for Dad now, “What To Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding” and “Dude, You’re Gonna Be A Dad!”.

Image by Morguefile.com
Image by Morguefile.com Available On Amazon

While all pregnancies are not black and white, even for the same woman, it is nice to have a little knowledge about the changes your body will experience. So, absolutely go buy those magazines, find those Mommy websites that you love, do it on your way home from the Doctor’s office.  Pregnancy is fun, it is exciting, although not always glamorous, it is YOUR adventure for the next nine months.  Make it a fun one!

When the time comes to finally meet the addition to your family and how it will completely change your heart and soul?  Well, in my professional Mommy opinion, there just aren’t words to really explain.  Not the Doctor, the Nurse, a Midwife, your mom or a woman who has had a half dozen children herself will ever be able to explain.

There is a complete change and fullness within when you hear that first cry as you try your hardest to get the best view.  Finally, they lay your new born child in your arms and you give that very first kiss on the forehead and smell that sweet baby smell…you change.  You change completely.

My piece here is not to suggest a person can not experience this type of wholeness through any other life experiences.  I am sure there is, I don’t know.  I can only tell you what I know personally.

Image by iStock.com
Image by iStock.com

This is my opinion, this is my experience and, my sweet niece and all expecting Mom’s, this is my attempt to explain the change it made in me.  So please go out and enjoy and cherish every step of this amazing adventure!  It may not seem like it now, but time goes by so very fast.

And today I became a Great Aunt, again!

On February 26, 2017, my nephew and his gorgeous wife gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy.  Today (March 18. 2017), my new Great Nephew in which this article was written for approximately nine months ago, was born!

I wanted to resurface and republish this article and send my best wishes out to the Mommies and Daddies, Grandmas and Grandpas!  What beautiful babies you have.  Enjoy them and cherish every moment!

I am certainly past the “Baby Fever” stage now, but took a little time to look at all the available books, clothing, etc. for Mommy, Daddy, Baby, and even Grandmas and Grandpas!  I especially love the one, I think, is a must get gift from Grandma!

By Amazon.com






Image by amazon.com


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5 thoughts on “A Beautiful Transformation of My Soul

  1. Congratulations! Having a baby (even a couple or even several) DEFINITELY changes you. I sadly was talked out of number 3, and though I still wish we had gone ahead and had one more, I do feel our family is complete. Glad she’ll have you by her side, offering help and advice (and of course babysitting! lol). Cheers!

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