Rock ‘n’ Roll Says Farewell To A Legend

Saturday, March 18, 2017:  Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend, Chuck Berry dies at age 90.

As notorious as he was, Chuck Berry made many milestones in his musical career.  Yes, Elvis Presley had the eyes and ears (and hearts) of all teenage girls.  Yet, it was Chuck Berry song that seemed to depict what teen rockers really wanted.  It is almost as if he knew before they did.

With his songs such as “Johnny Be Good” and “Sweet Little Sixteen” the artist surprised and delighted the younger generation, while parents were shocked by his lyrics.  The artist’s consisted of lyrics about girls, fast cars and dancing the night away, partying until the early morning hours.  This coupled with his obvious high self confidence and his ability to make his guitar scream, was his path to making a mark in the Rock ‘n’ Roll world possibly before the world was ready.

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Image from, licensed for reuse with modification Modifications by Teresa Branam Wilgus, Collective Voice Magazine



2 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ Roll Says Farewell To A Legend

  1. Chuck Berry is the reason we have great rock guitarists like Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, John Lennon and countless others. Even the Beach Boys copied his sound and were sued for it. His legacy will live on. Nice tribute, Teresa!

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