Have You Ever….?

Have you ever driven by a sign, landmark or a building that sparks a creative idea in your head?

Maybe heard a phrase someone said in a normal conversation that gave you a great idea?

An idea that is so obvious to you it’s hard to understand why others do not see it?

Shortly after I discovered my passion for writing, I began seeing articles in everyday, ordinary things.  Just like I mentioned above, it could be something provided by nature that I may have passed by without a thought.  It might be a sign or poster with the thought provoking words, or simply a sentence someone said in a normal day’s conversation.

About 6 months ago, my boyfriend and I were going to look at a potential new home.  We were texted the driving directions by the owner.  As my boyfriend read them out loud to me, part of the directions struck me in that way.  This time, however, it was as plain as day.

I knew instantly that little part of the directions were meant to be a piece of writing.  The article (to me) could only be about the journey life brings to each of us individually.  However, I wasn’t quite sure of the moral to be told when I wrote it, nor was I quite sure when the feel was going to be right.

Over the last few weeks, there has been a few ups and downs.  I started feeling as though the time was right for this piece.  The feeling started getting a little stronger, then finally, I realized the lesson, the moral and which of my thoughts I wanted to share.

I wrote the piece in hopes someone just might benefit in some way.

We are all different people, all living our own lives the best we know how.  The part of our driving directions I connected with were simply, “when the pavement ends and the gravel begins, it is the first house on the right.”

So, click on the title below to read what became of the words in bold above after 6 months.  It was finally time to reach in the back of my “idea” file drawer in my head and make it happen.

It is not always easy for me to explain why I see articles almost everything around me these days, I just do.

Now that I am thinking about it, I would love to know what thoughts you may have when first reading the words, “when the pavement ends and the gravel begins”.  Of course there is no right or wrong, maybe there is no strong feeling right away.

A person’s creativity has become an amazing thing to me.  What do those words (if anything) bring to mind for you.  Use the comment section below after you have read my piece and share your thoughts with me and the other readers.

I hope you enjoy it!

“When The Pavement Ends And The Gravel Begins”

3 thoughts on “Have You Ever….?

  1. Oh, the gravel, Teresa. You are so correct. Sometimes we get a warning, sometimes it is abrupt and life changing. Everything in life is about timing and decisions. I think you are on the correct path for you and even if a detour occurs, if you are meant to arrive at the destination, you will.

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