How To Bundle Life, Family & Motherhood; A Life Hack For Mom


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It doesn’t matter if you’re a Mom of one, two, three or more, life sure does change when we welcome that little bundle of joy into the family.  You love them with all your heart and couldn’t imagine life without them.

As much as that is true, motherhood certainly has it’s moments. Moments, days or even weeks that feel like we will never get caught up.

When my 3 sons were growing up, there were certain family values and morals I felt were very important to be instilled in their lives.  Along with demonstrating and teaching them to be respectful and basically a good person, there were activities, sports, crafts at home and school….well, all you Mom’s out there know exactly what I mean.

Resources and networking available when my sons were young.

My guys are a member of the “Millennial Generation”.  That should be your hint that networking with other moms or finding resources to get answers or advice took a bit of time and effort.

The ability to just “Google It” wasn’t at arms length like it is now.  Yes, the internet WAS invented then (barely) just not as convenient or efficient.  Don’t get me wrong, although technology has it’s pros, I believe it has it’s cons as well.

Providing everyone with the laptops, tablets, phones, etc. was not an issue.  When they were small, monitoring screen time was necessary.  Not anywhere near as

Image by

necessary and time consuming as I imagine for moms of little ones now.

Being fortunate enough to be a Stay At Home Mom while they were growing up, enabled me to be more present in their lives.  I was home when they arrived from school, managing homework, snacks, activities and dinner.  Then there was my involvement with the PTSA and serving as “Room Mom” for their classes.

Those were years I would never trade for anything.  Although I didn’t leave every morning for an office, they were also years I worked hard.  When I think back, having the ability to find an instant answer or recipe, research a potential vacation spot or being able to download printables for a craft or school project, sure would have been nice.

Wow!  I do believe I’m beginning to sound like my mother!

Resources and networking available for busy moms today.

As I have said with the advances in technology, comes more responsibilities to monitor and manage your children’s screen time.  One more thing you get to work into your already busy lives.

It wasn’t until I began blogging, that I became aware of just how vast the World Wide Web” truly has become.  And, how social media serves more of a purpose than just a thought to put into your status or to let all your “friends” know how your feeling on a particular day.

The ideas and opportunities at our finger tips are endless!

For a fleeting moment, that statement almost makes it sound as if managing the life

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of a family should be easier.  More efficient, leaving more time to meet the girls at the spa, spend the day at the beach more often or possibly….catch up on some much needed sleep.

My son’s are all mid-twenties now.  I am officially an “Empty Nester” with now young children at home.  However, that motherly instinct is telling me, life of a mom still remains hectic.

A neat little bundle filled with a variety of resources and networking options?

Now,  wouldn’t that be nice?

Having three growing boys (very close in age) kept me so busy, I wasn’t sure sometimes if I was coming or going.  The timing was impeccable for Science Fair project and art project ideas and deadlines.

I also had my own need for new ideas.  Room Mom duties like finding creative crafts, games and treats .  Not to mention Religious Education classes, sports equipment shopping, shopping for school clothes and grocery shopping.

I am sure you get the picture I am trying to paint here.

Chances are, even with wide variety of great websites to choose from, having a “go to” sure would help.   A one stop shopping of sorts. From family activities, class projects, recipes or even managing the household budget.

Anyway, back to what I promised originally.

“How To Bundle Life, Family & Motherhood; A Life Hack For Mom”

Yes, a neat, little bundle packed full of a multitude of resources for us moms would be nice.  And, Yes, such a creation really does exist.

If you haven’t heard of “Ultimate Bundles” hold on to your seats.  I am about to blow your mind!

Recently, I partnered with Ultimate Bundles.  Ultimate Bundles is an online company that does exactly what their name implies.  They offer “bundles” of resources such as eBooks, printables, “How To” guides, DIY journals, recipes, memberships to clubs and organizations, percentage off coupons & in-store, various planners, eCourses and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The resources are products of partnering writers, authors, bloggers and businesses who have also partnered up with Ultimate Bundles.  The “bundles” focus on areas of life such as homemaking, blogging, health & wellness, parenting, and many more.

The bundles have a targeted selling date which last 6 days on average.  Here is the best news, hold on!  These “bundles” are available at a CRAZY discounted price!  On an average of 95% discount!  It is absolutely a steal you won’t find anywhere else.  I honestly was very surprised, thinking I must be misunderstanding.

I read it right, now I’m gonna tell you.

I can’t tell ALL the specifics and surprises until a little to the sell date.  However, I can tell you a few details.  The next Bundle being offered is The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle” .   It will be available beginning Wednesday, April 26th beginning at 8:00 a.m (EST) and runs through May 1st until 11:59 p.m. (EST).

Image by Pixabay, created on by Teresa Branam Wilgus

While deciding what companies, organizations or business to team up with, my main goal is to bring something to you, the reader, I think not only you would enjoy, be helpful, but also a good deal and trustworthy company.  In the last few months…I have seem many!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle was literally created for moms by moms.  I would have jumped on it if it was around when my sons were younger.  Moms, it is amazing.  Actually, in my personal opinion, even you who may not be a mom yet, if you are a Grandma, Aunt, or you work closely with children or still running a busy life, you need to take a look.  As I mentioned, I can not give a lot of details yet, however, here is what I can tell you right this minute.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle contains:

  • 2 Summits
  • 21 eCourses
  • 50 eBooks
  • 1 Membership
  • 4 Audios/Videos
  • 14 Printables
  • 13 Workbooks
  • 10 Bonuses

At this point, I can not reveal any other specifics regarding the content.  I also can not identify who the contributors are by name.  However, I can tell you the specific niches of their expertise.  There are contributors covering a variety of areas such as:

  • Creativity
  • Faith
  • Finances
  • Home
  • In The Kitchen
  • Intentional Living
  • Marriage
  • Motherhood
  • Recipes
  • Work At Home
  • Work And Life Balance

Believe it or not, that is not all!

My friends, I strongly encourage you to check out “Ultimate Bundles” and the bundle becoming available next week on April 26th.  You can follow any of the links in this article to do so.

A little more unsolicited advice from your pal Teresa:

  • Absolutely check back on APRIL 26TH to get all the specifics including exact content, actual retail value, sale price, contributors, product images, and especially all the BONUSES!  The information will be up by 8:00 a.m. (EST).
  • Go ahead and follow the links now to see the information provided on the website.
  • Think about who in your life this might love this as a gift.

So, until the 26th, think about it.  Drop some very direct hints to the Hubby about a birthday, anniversary or Mother’s Day!

Note:  If you are a blogger and not already partnered with Ultimate Bundles, I suggest you check out how beneficial to you this would be.  I will have an article up by tomorrow at the latest detailing the information.  In the meantime, follow the link Ultimate Bundles Affiliate and see if this great program is a fit for you.

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