Bundles Come In All Shapes & Sizes

I hope you had a chance to pop on over to “UltimateBundle.com” and take advantage of the “Ultimate Homemaking Bundle” offer!

This Bundle’s doors have closed and it is no longer available for purchase.  HOWEVER, many times UltimateBundles will bring back a Bundle for a Flash Sale. This type of sale usually offers the Bundle for a two day period ONLY.  So, if you were unable to get yours, check the information here and check back periodically.

And now it is time to start Bundling AGAIN!

Although the next great resource being bundled, will not be available for purchase until Wednesday, May 17th (a few days Past Mother’s Day)  I have a solution for that!

On Wednesday, May 17th beginning at 8:00 a.m. (EST) running through Monday, May 22nd until 11:59 p.m. (EST).  The “Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle” is stocked full of herbs and essential oils for Everyday, Family, Illness & Injury, Safety & Wellness.  Containing 16 eBooks, Printables & 10 eCourses.

How to prepare this gift to present to Mom on her special day.

As mentioned, this awesome Bundle will not be available prior to Mother’s Day.  However, just follow the link for the “Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle”.  You will then have the opportunity to receive a digital reminder when the sale begins.  Moms of all ages would be thrilled to know they have herbs and essentials oils on the way!

Image by UltimateBundles.com

Reserve your Bundle on the website on May 17th for Mom.  After you have done so, LET THE CREATIVITY BEGIN!  For example, print off a copy of the page from the website, pick up a few of Mom’s little favorite things and package them together in a nice little basket or box.  Remember the Lady you will be giving this great gift and tailor it to what she loves and her personality.

“The Herbs And Essential Oils Super Bundle is a gift a Mom cherish and it will just keep on giving.

As always we like to keep that element of surprise.  I have revealed as much as I can for now.  Keep in mind, however, there is always an additional surprise or two.

Oh, but wait just a minute!  I have a little secret I haven’t told you before.

Ok, actually, the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle was my first Bundle since partnering up.  There was just a couple weeks to create all my information to publish.  So, I too am just realizing this one myself.

UltimateBundles.com have Bundles know as Evergreen Bundles.  An Evergreen Bundle is a Bundle that remains available for a much longer period of time.  The Bundle is offered at a slightly higher price than originally and the bonuses are not included.

Image by UltimateBundles.com

The Evergreen Bundle currently available is the “Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle”.  

Who can’t use a little assistance conquering a little clutter here and there?

The “Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle”  consists of the following:

Cleaning & Chores


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