Why You Should Check This Affiliate Partnership Out!

Are you a writer, blogger, photographer, designer or any of the other creatives and own or manage a website?

Are you just like me and spent many hours researching the hundreds of Affiliate Partnerships available?

Is one of your top priorities recommending and promoting products and services to your audience you believe and trust?

Answered “Yes” to one or all of the above questions?

The last few weeks, I have published three articles about an Affiliate Program I recently partnered with as a “Creator”.  This online Resource Company is, UltimateBundles.com”.

I too hold referring you, the audience, products and services in which I have tried, use regularly, well known or have been recommended to me by other successful bloggers.  Website managers and owners who have the same concern for their audiences.

UltimateBundles.com  definitely fits that mold

The articles recently published for the featured bundles were, “Bundles Come In All Shapes An Sizes” which was the latest and introduced the “Ultimate Herbs And Essential Oils Super Bundle”  and the now available Evergreen Bundle,“The Conquer The Clutter Super Bundle”

Click on the provided links to read the articles or check them out in the sidebar to the right.

What makes UltimateBundles.com so great ?

Well, I’m going to tell you.

As an UltimateBundles.com Affiliate Partner, not are you providing your audience with Bundles stocked full of digital, printable, physical resources and more, these products are guaranteed to be a hit.

Why?  Because the resources each Bundle contains are created and contributed by website owners just like you and I.  Some of these are Moms developing and contributing digital and printable resources personally.  Made by Moms for Moms.

You know as well as I do, every now and then, while performing some type of task, the thought of what would make things easier just “comes to you”.  That is when the best ideas should be acted on and many have done just that!

I am going to now get down to more detailed information.

The information below was collected directly off of the  UltimateBundles.com” Affiliate sign up page.  This particular link is a personalized link encoded with my own link identification number.  This link will be tracked and when you signup, I will receive a commission. Guess What?  YOU CAN HAVE ONE TOO!

Image by UltimateBundles.com


Why should I become an Ultimate Bundles affiliate?

 Your readers will thank you.

 Every bundle is an incredible value for your readers, and is available for a steep discount of 90-95% off.

You’ll make a generous commission on each sale.

For every bundle that your readers buy, you’ll earn a 40% commission.

These bundles sell like hot cakes!

Because they are such a good value, and on a range of topics that your readers are actively interested in, our bundles are a no-brainer purchase for many people. It’s not unusual for us to see double-digit conversion rates throughout the sale.

You’ll learn about marketing from the best.

Before each bundle, we offer web training to our affiliates to help them get the most from their sale.

Below is a list of Bundles recently offered and what is coming up.

  • MARCH 22-27: Gut Health Super Bundle
  • APRIL 3-4: Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Flash Sale
  • APRIL 26-MAY 1: Ultimate Homemaking Bundle
  • MAY 17-22: Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle
  • JUNE 7-12: Ultimate Work-at-Home Bundle
  • JULY 5-10: Ultimate Fitness Bundle
  • AUGUST 23-28: Parenting Super Bundle
  • SEPTEMBER 20-25: Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle
  • OCTOBER 4-9: The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit
  • NOVEMBER 1-5: Indie Travel Super Bundle
  • DECEMBER 27-JANUARY 2: Ultimate Healthy Recipe Bundle
  • JANUARY 3-4: Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle and Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle Flash Sales


So, go ahead and enjoy!

Image by Unsplashed.com





Enjoy not only the awesome benefits you will receive as an Affiliate, but also those of the individual bundles themselves.

At the website, you will also have the opportunity to review the options of joining as an Author or Bonus Partner as well.

If you can’t find an answer to a specific question, come back and let me know and I will find your answer.

If you think about it, after visiting UltimateBundles.com, joining as a partner as well as their awesome Facebook Group, come on back over and let me know you did.  Networking and sharing with others, is awesome!


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Teresa discovered her passion for writing and sharing her work with others. Her drive to continue growing and learning is fueled by knowing she may be touching and helping a reader somehow. Teresa enjoys using her own personal life experiences as material for her articles. She firmly believes we as individuals have the choice as to how we look at life experiences whether they be good or bad. Teresa is a mom of three boys, seeing the outstanding young men they have become is the accomplishment that brings her the most joy in life. In her spare time she likes to get outside and take advantage of the beautiful Pacific Northwest summers and experiencing new adventures with her boyfriend of 5 1/2 years. She is an admitted football fanatic and loves the excitement of participating in Fantasy Football with her sons, boyfriend, family and friends from the Pacific Northwest, Florida and Indiana! The only work she have had published, is a poem published in Creativity Magazine when she was in the 8th grade. She has always enjoyed writing, however it wasn’t until encouraged by a professor and a few friends that she realized writing just might be the “Gift” God gave her. Teresa is preparing her Freelance/Content Writing Services for Launch in February 2017. Services are available for businesses and corporations of all sizes and also to those Bloggers wanting to enhance their own content for readers. Her ultimate goal is to have a book published based on personal experiences in her own life and hopes it is not only entertaining and engaging, but might also help some reader, somewhere, somehow.

3 thoughts on “Why You Should Check This Affiliate Partnership Out!

    1. Thanks! Suja, believe me, when I began seeing what it was all about, I was totally confused. Can be overwhelming as well. I finally decided to take a step back, pick and choose the ones I trusted. Let me know if you would like me to send you a few names of bloggers I found helpful. There are so many and networking was the BEST “classroom” for me 🙂


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