Sleeping In Seattle; My Emerald City Photo Blog

Soon after I began writing, I came across a Photo Blog post.  When I became a Contributing Writer for Collective Voice Magazine (formerly State Of Liberation Magazine) I went full speed exploring all the creative blogs to get ideas and learn from those more experienced than I.  This is when I set my eyes on a Photo Blog.

One did not have to have years of blogging under there belt.  I had absolutely no experience at time I joined this awesome writing team!

I came a blog post one day that was very different than what I had seen prior.  The content of the post was primarily pictures.  Below the photos was a Caption or a Summary of the photo.  The summaries were at times very brief, some were a little longer.  However, nothing like content usually found in a writer’s post.  Mostly a story in words with images space throughout the post.

Click On The Image Below To See My Photo Blog!!

Image by Teresa Branam Wilgus

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