“It’s Always The Husband” Book Review

“It’s Always The Husband”  by Michele Campbell  became available for purchase this week on Tuesday, May .  The riveting novel is available at  Amazon.com and you can also purchase it online at Barnes & Noble.  By becoming a member of the “Unboxed Book Club”, I received my copy prior to the release date and I received it absolutely FREE from SheSpeaks.  

SheSpeaks.comIf you have a website and interested in partnering up with a great program, you should absolutely check it out.  For more detail on SheSpeaks.com, read my article Received My Copy Today! Did You?”  

Now on to the really exciting stuff!

Image by Michele Campbell, Twitter.com

As I mentioned previously, I LOVE a great book!

My issue is, I rarely stop and take the time to find one and begin reading.  However, when I do find that “page turner” type of novel,  I begin to read and it captures my attention.   So quickly I can become absorbed, relating to all the characters and plots.  Before I know it, I have a tough time putting it down and can’t wait to get back to it.

When a novel makes me feel as though I am living the story right along with the characters, I question why I don’t take the time to enjoy such stories more often.

Page Turner – Suspenseful – Who Dunnit – Gripping – Shocking.

When a novel can be describe by all of the descriptive words above, it is a hit in my opinion!

Michele Campbell has successfully included them all and then some.  “It’s Always The Husband” is the author’s debut novel and I must say, she got it right the very first time!

The story is based around the lives of three girls who met their first day of college.  Kate, Aubrey and Jenny were assigned to be roommates in the dorm.  These three girls were all from completely different backgrounds and walks of life.  So much so, there was not a chance this arrangement would last the whole Freshman year.

Kate, from money, Jenny, from a modest middle class family and Aubrey was raised solely by her mother who worked as a waitress and struggled to put food on the table.  They each brought their own individual personality and beliefs, butting heads a bit at first.

As the school year began, the girls differences actually seemed to compliment one another.  Eventually, they molded into a trio, complementing one another where the other fell short.

Settling in to college life for these three was nothing less than adventurous.

Eventually Kate, Jenny and Aubrey found their niches and life in the dorm became normal.  Well, I should say, somewhat normal.  The days and nights were always filled with some sort of excitement whether it be a Frat party the night before, a road trip to swim in the river or being vulnerable to unhealthy “traps” presented to them.

The three girls socialized a couple more extreme than the other.  Throughout the book with the turn of every page, there was a strong feeling inside me telling me something tragic was going to happen on this page.

Turning page after page, I just knew someone in their small circle of friends was going to face a horrible event.  The suspense throughout the entire book was present.

Not knowing what was going to happen, not knowing who it was going to happen too or when or how kept me turning page after page eager to see if what I suspected was correct.

Relationships between this guy and this girl and that girl and this guy came and went within the social circles.  The three girls all having life issues, some big and some small.

Image by SheSpeaksUp.com

Then one chilly early Spring evening the story took a suspenseful turn once again.

With Michele Campbell’s  writing style in this novel has the reader positive this day or night was going to be it.  The tension would be over, the questions would be answered.

And, then it was not.

This one particular Spring evening was different.  As I continued reading, I can honestly say, I wasn’t thinking any tragedy was about to happen.  Actually, I didn’t get that certainty until right before.  And, then it happened!

Tragic, sad, frightening and unexpected, it happened.

Michele Campbell seamlessly mixed the lives of the college friends using the past, present and future.

This style of writing allows us, the reader, get to know each character.  Understanding the type of childhood they had, how they handled college issues and it all flowed into adulthood.  Some of the friends moved away and came back, some never left the small college town.

The suspense that built up was then finalized in Part One of the book.  I admit, I was a little curious as to how the author would continue to hold the reader’s attention.  Soon, I found out.

Part Two was just as engaging as these boys and girls grew into adults, got married, some divorced, some having children.

The second part of the book did not lack for drama and suspense.  In fact, the page turning urge remained through out the novel’s entirety.

Then when you least expect it, another tragedy strikes the group.

I actually did not see this one coming, nor did I suspect the victim.  In the end, it all makes complete sense.  The author does an outstanding job tying the tragic events together and making life come full circle.

I highly recommend heading on over to Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble  to order your copy and get it on

Image by SheSpeaksUp.com

it’s way to you.  Believe every word when I say, this is one you will not want to set down!  While you are there, you can read more reviews on Michele Campbell’s, “It’s Always The Husband.” 

I would love it if after you have read her debut novel, come on back and let me know your thoughts.  Simply use the comment section below so other readers can engage as well.  It would be awesome to get a dialogue going as if we have our own online book club!

Happy Reading!

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