An Open Ended Letter To The Future Me, Myself & I

“Dear Us,

Well, Me, Myself and I, it looks like we made it, huh?  That is if we are reading this, I mean.  Life certainly has not been with lack of adventure.  What an adventure we have had so far!  Thought I would write us an Open Ended Letter to recap our life.  Being Open Ended, we can write back at anytime.”

Click on the image below to read what I had to say to myself…..


Image by


*Note:  Collective Voice Magazine is a Lifestyle Magazine focused on providing content with our audience in mind at all times.  We are made up of staff writers from all walks of life.  Because we are all at various stages in life,  live in different parts of the world, have different views and experiences, we are able to provide a little something for everyone.  If you are a writer/blogger, seasoned or just beginning the journey and would like to have the experience we all share & get your work known, use the comment section below to tell me or send me a private email & I will answer your questions.  We welcome new talent!

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