5 Things That Make ME Say, “Hmmmm”; ANOTHER Open Ended Letter To President Trump

Dear President Trump,

Hello, yes it is me, again.

I have just a few thoughts and ideas building up in my mind, President Trump.  My mind is pretty crowded with my own personal life thoughts, therefore, it is time for a little Spring Cleaning upstairs.

There are 5 main items on my agenda and these items makes me simply say, “Hmmmm”.

Top 5 things that make ME say, “Hmmmmm”


If I were you, I just may consider “Just saying, no”.  Maybe go for it and delete your account?  I will give you credit, when credit is due.  Your “tweeting” rate certainly has decreased a bit, kudos for that.  You are the Commander In Chief now though.

While I do realize we live in a country fortunate enough to have “Freedom Of Speech” and “Freedom Of Press”, believe me I am one who feels Blessed that we do.  But, take a second, step back and maybe reread your “tweets” since being in Office.

Click on the image directly below to see if these items make YOU say, “Hmmm”.  Feel free to come back and let me know or leave a comment at Collectivevoicemag.com.  HOWEVER, as always, although we live in a Free Country….I ask we all be kind to one another, please.

Image by en.Wikimedia.org

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