The Key Element Of Turning Your Passion Into Profit This Can’t Be Taught In Class

Many already have heard how finding and pursuing my passion of writing came to be a reality.  I have written many times how that “Window Of Opportunity” actually flew open.   After years of having an “on again, off again” dream of being an author and writing a book, having those close to me recognizing and encouraging me to give it a shot and not believing in myself…That day finally came.

Some might think by accident or having merely having luck on my side.

I say it happened because it was meant to be.  The time was right in my life and I firmly believe as we cross paths with others throughout our lives, there is a reason. I also believe God makes these paths cross for a purpose.  A purpose according to our lives needs and situation at the time.

Sometimes these encounters are subtle we might miss them, other times they slap us in the face.

June 2016, I got my face slapped.

In a GOOD way!

When the answer is right there in front of you, plain as day.

It totally unexpected and quite frankly…a bit devastating!

I won’t minimize or “sugar coat” this Life Experience.  After a few months, I became aware that finding a job again was going to be a challenge.  Let’s face it, I am now a 51 year old woman with many years of work experience under my belt.  I know it makes complete business sense for the employer to hire a candidate with less experience and younger than I.  Understand, just because I get that, I don’t like it a bit!

Eventually, I figured out what Blogging was all about.   For those of you who may not know…..I was welcomed with OPEN ARMS by the OWNER of an up and coming online magazine with no experience of writing or blogging what so ever!

Yes, you read it correctly….ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE WHAT SO EVER!


Get This, I was asked if I had a couple writing samples to send to him – I SAID NO.  He said,  “WELCOME ABOARD!”

So, let’s fast forward exactly one year further.

I began my writing adventure with Collective Voice  Magazine (formerly State Of Liberation Lifestyle Magazine)   from day one.  I continue to be very Blessed for God letting my path cross the man who welcomed me aboard that day.  In addition, I created Midwest Girl’s Dreams Lifestyle Blog (we turn 1 year old this week – June 15th!)

I was asked to take on further responsibilities at Collective Voice.  We are enhancing our content and plans are being made to spread our wings across the internet even further.  Jordan asked if I would take assist him, I now have the duties of managing the content and Editor!  I love every minute of it!

So…I must be really racking up big bucks by now, wouldn’t you say?

If you just said, “Heck yes you should be.

Your slap in the face is:  YOU ARE WRONG!

Building such websites take time and let’s just say it…..MONEY!  Oh, and that landing a job and that dream career out side of the house.  Well, I have continuously, almost 7 days a week put out resumes.


When I was a little girl, I had a dream from a young age.

I kid you not, I ALWAYS wanted to be a writer with published work.  Eventually to write a book or two or more.

I think I might have just answered the question, “What type of a career am I looking for now?”


As frustrating as being so close, down to the last few candidates and not being the one the employer picks can be, it’s tough.

The most disappointing “No you arent’ our best candidate” happened just last week.  Okay, I will let you in on something I don’t regularly tell everyone, I CRIED!  My sweet boyfriend turned to me and said the sweetest words.  He said, “Baby, just another sign that God wants to fulfill those childhood dreams of yours.  You are meant to be a Writer.”  With that, he went back to what he was doing.

He is right ya know.  Not everyone goes to work everyday and gets to do what they love and dreamed of doing since childhood.  I do!

We are running out of time here and I want to let you in on what has been a hard lesson for me.

What they can not teach you in class or any online courses you take.  They can mention it, suggest it, strongly encourage or say it is a must.  This, however, has to come within our selves.

THE SECRET: You have to have patience.

I SUCK AT PATIENCE!  I want my website to be awesome and self supporting enough to let me live comfortably.  Let me not have to stress over finances 24/7!  And, NO, we don’t have a huge savings account to pay for certain services to speed up the process.  Some people do and I really do think that is awesome.  But just because a person does not for whatever reason does not mean they can not make their dreams come true.

It takes a little longer, a little more research for being self taught.  The Trial and Error Period lasts a bit longer.  It takes a little of what the “Little Engine That Could” had.

And that my friends is just fine.  I am going to introduce you to not only a way to cut down on searching for resources.  This will provide you an avenue to monetize your website, save a ton of money and balance work and home life all with one shot.  I need to finish up though because time is running out.  Your “Window Of Opportunity” is about to open and it won’t be open long!

Due to cooling temperatures, this window closes at 11:59 p.m. (EST) TONIGHT!!

Again, I will be blunt.  “The Work At Home Ultimate Bundle”!

That is it.  Over $2,300 worth of resources for under $50!  WHAAAAT?????  Yep!

I won’t waste anymore time (I tend not to know when to cut off the story).  Follow the link by clicking the image and JUST DO IT!

Image by


What Are You Waiting For?

Oh, yeah…I’m done now.  Only a few hours left.  All the information is at your destination.  Hurry, only 2 hours and 15 minutes left!!




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