Act Fast; This Happens So Fast, It Will Make You Shutter!

Yes, that was my poor attempt to be overly creative with my words.  What do you think, a little too far out of my Creative Box?

With this title, I was going for something to grab your attention.  Make my readers feel that sense of urgency!  And, believe it or not, I have a very good reason to want to do so.

So, have we figured out the for my earlier play on words?

Well, you all probably have and I hope it did caught your attention and peaked your curiosity. Because, the news I am about to tell you is packed full of details and the event will only last for 24 HOURS, starting Monday, June 10th promptly at 12:00 a.m. and will sail bye swiftly, ending at 11:59 pm. the very next day, July 11th!

The event is the next Ultimate Bundle being offered.

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Periodically, a bundle from the past will be offered for usually 24 hours before it is gone forever.  The Bundle comeback is a Flash Sale.  And when we say “Flash” we are not kidding around!

Why am I so excited to let you in on this speedy event?

Well, as usual, I can not tell you an abundance of information about the upcoming Bundle, so, let me tell you about my excitement.

This Flash Sale Event is featuring the ULTIMATE PHOTOGRAPHY BUNDLE!

I looked over the Bundle Schedule when I partnered up with Ultimate Bundles a few months back.  I knew the Ultimate Photography Bundle going to happen and thought it was a great idea.  A great idea, because the focus would be on offering other creatives resources for their websites, businesses, studios, etc.

Never was there a thought this Bundle may be a Bundle of Resources I would benefit from having.  Another initial thought was the Bundle would concentrate only on those who are Professional Photographers.  The Creatives who have that well developed “Creative Eye”, who have the gift of seeing art when they peer though the camera lens.

I am not too proud to say when I am wrong.

I am also not too modest to let someone know when I am right!

Of the 2 thoughts I mentioned above, I was only wrong on 1 1/2 of them.  #1 I ABSOLUTELY DO want this Bundle for myself!  And, #2, these resources are not just tailored towards those creative eye professionals.  However, yes….it  IS geared toward the more experienced picture takers.

The Ultimate Photography Bundle is packed full of resources that all ages, genders, niche and experience level can benefit from it all. a

I am not allowed to let the Cat Out Of The Bag completely.  Full details will happen at exactly 12:00 a.m. on Monday, July 10th.  Now….make note, that is 12:00 a.m. EST.  And I will make sure the information goes live and out to you at the stroke of Midnight!

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The hardest part of the Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program for me…

Surprises and an exciting secret tends to be a bit rough on me.  Yes, I am that person as a child who peeked at my Christmas Presents and if I was thrilled about a present I bought someone, not telling them was almost impossible.


Some of the information I can reveal is this:  Topics such as Family Photography/Family Posing, Camera Essentials, resources on DSLR, courses of all kinds for business and websites with webinars from Seasoned Photographers coaching and revealing the tricks to help sky rocket income.

There are also Ebooks, webinars and more for those of you Website Owners with Photography as your Niche!  And for Bloggers who capture their own images for their Blog.

OR….those like me who tends to take on new Challenges presented to them with thoroughly thinking it through.  I gradually began snapping pictures more and more from my Android phone to use in my articles.  Like I mentioned in a piece before, my first thoughts when I saw a Photo Blog Post for the fist time was intrigued and determined I would attempt one some day.

Image by Spencer-Kaff,

I did and they are not as quick and easy as I thought, I soon realized!

I now take the majority of my article photos and beginning to see objects such as a bright red Fire Station door in a brand new light.

I have completed Photo Post #2.  Let me just say, “I still have quite a bit to learn.  I am excited to get this Bundle and do just that!

Did I remember to tell you this Bundle will only be available for exactly 24 hours until it goes away FOREVER??

Let me give you all some advice about this Ultimate Photography Bundle.

Start today!

There are several links within this article for you to follow.  Each link, leads you to the same destination.  Even though the Photography Bundle has a bit of time before available, take the time right now to follow those links and discover all the very cool resources.

If you like it as much as I did, you should go ahead and follow the link to reserve your copy and Ultimate Bundles will send you a notification when it is ready.

Just  a couple things before I let you head on over to check things out!

#1  Flash Sale begins on Monday, July 10th at 12:00 a.m. (EST) and doors will close on Tuesday, July 11th at 11:59 pm (EST).

#2  While you’re there and the information is fresh on your mind, take a second and become familiar with all the perks that come along with the Affiliate Partnership they have to offer.  They also offer a partnership for Authors as well.  Ultimate Bundles has wonderful payouts.  Some of the best I have seen thus far.  The application is easy and acceptance is quick.  Before you know it, you have your own personalized link for purchase of Bundles and referrals of Affiliates.

#3  I/we have a lot going on in our lives within the next few weeks, but I still have so much more to say!  Be on the look out for an extensive article explaining the Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program Benefits and Perks.   As I have already confessed, I am not good at spreading good news.

While looking things over at Ultimate Bundles and you think you might like to try the Affiliate Program…..well….I am OFFICIALLY in a contest for signing others up via my personalized link.  So, don’t wait just do it!  Great perks, high commissions & you too can be in the CONTEST!  It is complete with prizes….increased commission, and the referral commissions run for an entire year!

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