Closing This Chapter of Life; A Journal To Starting The Next



Sunday, June 9, 2017, we said good-bye to the City Of Seattle and the State of Washington as well.  Closing a chapter in our lives completely.  Feeling anxiety and excitement to have a completely blank page to begin creating a the next.

Sunday, June 9, 2017 at 3:3 0 p.m.

We both held our breath as we put the last item, so strategically placed in the right spot, hoping the door closes tightly and no more removing this or that to make something else fit.   We made a valiant team effort

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place the last item right against the door.  He placed it, I held it from inside, EXACTLY where it was and it was over!  Packing all we could (sparing 11 boxes to be shipped) Securing our stuff to travel safely half way across the Country, now was checked off our list.

Our apartment door shuts behind us one final time.

We locked the door the last time on June 9, 2017 to our apartment located in the Heart of the City of Seattle.  As we are pulling out of the garage, my mind is thinking how we only lived Downtown just a short 7 months.

The Federal Court just across the street, I think about getting a chance on a true “Late Breaking Story”.  There were quite a few adjustments, moving from the suburbs to the city.  All the city sounds at night, people walking to and from work, and evening activities at all times of the day and night.

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I was just beginning to feel I was settling in to city life in certain ways.  As we continued to drive through the city towards the freeway, we reminisced about events that happened, saying “Good Bye” to both sports stadiums and the Puget Sound

Bob has many, many more stories to tell than I do of his life in Seattle area.  I moved here when I was still married and my 3 sons were young in 2002.  At the very second I actually paid attention to being here almost seventeen years, I dismissed it due to the fact, that nothing compared to Bob.  Being born in the Midwest as well, he has called Seattle home now for over 40 years!

With each change in navigation, switching chapters become more of a reality.

Just passed the stadiums is the ramp which will lead us to I-5, the Freeway which takes us on the path we are headed.  We are on the Freeway heading south.  Mt Rainier ahead of us, then we both look in the rear view mirror to see the City of Seattle’s stunning skyline becomes smaller as we drive away.

There is NO looking back now and neither one of us have any regrets making the Pacific Norhwest our home so many years ago.  “Good-Bye” Seattle and neighboring cities and all the friendships we leave.  The hardest “Good Bye” I had to make,I text and it read:

And Then They Grow!

“Hey guys…we are off officially on the road heading out of Seattle.  Our new journey…..will see you all next in Indiana.  We love you so much!”

The boys replied back with supportive and loving comments.  And, For The Record, I would expect nothing less of any of them.  That is just how they role!

We all know how it is when you are trying to get for a small trip or vacation and you set a “Target Time” to leave?  And although you haven’t sat down once, the departure time has been pushed for a bit?

More times than not, it does not turn out to be as late as you anticipated. This time it was much later than at least “Hoped” it would be.  And, it was because we had to wait on someone to hold on to a few boxes that did not fit in the car.

And now, we wait.

Image by Teresa Branam Wilgus

Wanting to get on the road, our friend would be loading boxes on his own.  it was time to go and put it behind us.  So, we did.

Approximately 8:30 – 900 p.m., when we climbed into the car.  Our start time was extremely later than thought, so we drove down to Portland, OR.  Arriving in Portland, the plan – organize our thoughts, take a little time to wrap our brains around the fact that we have just left Seattle, the place 3 hours earlier we called HOME.

I am not looking back on any experience I’ve had in the Pacific Northwest as a regret or a failure.  Several years ago while living here, in the Northwest, a life event occurred that did not fit into the Blue Print of My Life. Quite the opposite!

Our lives as a couple and before, has had those life decisions and lessons.  We have both gotten strong individually and as a team.  My sons are adults and are establishing homes here, it is a rough thing for this Mom to grasp just yet.  However, I have no doubt, all the Faith in the world, these 3 amazing young men will be just fine!

Bob and I lived very different lives up until we met 7 years ago, we both will remember those special qualities we found living here.  So, with that we say, “Thanks for the Memories”,  be good to those 3 boys we are leaving with you, we love them very much.  We can’t for get Corey as well.  When his brother gets back and settle from WSU they will be room mates.  Thank you for the special memories and those friendships we have made.  Before we close this particular Chapter Of Our Lives, a couple more things to say.  “GO MARINERS, GO SOUNDERS, AND OF COURSE GO HAWKS!

~The End~


NOTE:  We are starting a new journey of life & also,a lengthy one of travel.  First and foremost, we ask for our travels to be safe.  We are heading back to the Midwest where we were both born.

Our life journey will be a bit more bumpy with hurdles as we have experienced, particularly the last 1 1/2 years.  I have written a few articles explaining some when there may be a lesson or meaning for a reader.  As of today, I remain Unemployed.

I work extremely hard along with search the Job Market, to peruse my Passion & Gift of Writing.  If you think of Blogging as a small business, you will see, it does not happen over night.  In time Midwest Girl’s Dreams and Creative Writing Resources (my Freelance Writing) will be self-sufficient.

It takes money to make money (not always a lot) which is something we do not have at this point.  Along with the loss of my job, Bob’s Contract with a Major Client was not renewed when expired on December 2016.

Over this time any savings, etc. has been exhausted and I have made reaching out for Government Assistance both State and Federal, a full time job.  Also, the Government Assistance is not quite as abundant as it seems on the surface.  The Red Tape, Hoops to jump through and all the requirements to qualify narrows whats available down real quick.

Our official Deadline to move WAS July 10th at 12:00 a.m. PST.  We did it, we’re moving on to new things.  If the financial issues that came at us wasn’t enough to barely keep our heads above water, the last couple months have depleted our resources and then some.

Seattle is growing by approx. 1100 people moving into the city each week.  It is also now the 3rd most expensive City in the US!  With all of these negative factors, we had no choice than to leave this market.

How can YOU help?

Asking from others has not been either of our forte.  Especially for ourselves.

A lesson I, personally have learned through all the ups and downs, trials and tests of life in the last year and a half, is how beneficial communicating your needs to others can be for our growth.  In addition, this communication enhances and strengthens relationship bonds and quite possibly creates new and lasting friendships.

They won’t know if you don’t tell them ~ You won’t know if you don’t ask!

Readers, fellow bloggers, writers & Midwest Girl’s Dreams entire audience the most important thing is to continue to come back to our site and support us.  Make a comment on an article that peaked your interest, Share something you liked here on your Social Media, Spread the word about what we are doing here and plan to do.

Some of my articles contain Affiliate Links which I may be paid a small commission based on clicks, purchases, memberships joined, etc.  It all depends on the individual Companies Affiliate, I can guarantee you, however, they will be at no extra cost to you.  So, if you see an item, club or membership you are interested in, follow my personalized link to the site.

No one should ever feel what they have to give is not enough or won’t make a difference!

When visiting Midwest Girl’s Dreams and you happen upon a link leading you to a resource that may help, a product you love or have wanted to try or sometimes you may see a Club Membership.  Such as AmazonPrime, KindleUnlimited, maybe the content of an article is reviewing or supporting a product you have wanted to try or a service you are in need of such as GSuite , Bluehost or

Go ahead and take the time then.  Sometimes my articles will have Affiliate Links in which I receive a small commission.  That commission varies with each company based on clicks, purchases, leads and memberships.  Most importantly, it is at no extra cost to you.  Remember, I will never feature or promote a product, service or resource I do not believe in or have experience with myself.

Finally, in the right sidebar of the pages in our blog, I have a PayPal Donation Button.  The caption reads:  Our Coffee Fund.  

The Next Article Is For You!

Any donations I receive from our audience will be used to support website development, maintenance, enhancing the content and basically provide an enjoyable and resourceful Lifestyle Blog for you.  The amount of a donation as well as the donor will not be shared unless permission is granted by you.  Any donation is much appreciated and there is no such thing as “Too Small”.

Every day of the Journey brings us closer to our goal and makes us stronger.

As much as a challenge this adventure has been, we continue to march on as best we can.  It is now Thursday, July 13th, we are resting our tired heads in Lincoln, Nebraska tonight.  We will rise in the morning and continue on.  Be sure to check back within the next couple days for an update in the Journal of Life as we continue to write this next Chapter.

God Bless,


2 thoughts on “Closing This Chapter of Life; A Journal To Starting The Next

  1. Well, my friends, it was a a long Joutney yraveling from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest! However, wr saw places we had never seen and had experience we had nit experienced.

    Our Life Journey continues, making us stronger everyday.

    The Next Chapter us being written with every minute that passes. Check back again real soon to see how this Midwest Girl’s Dream cimes full circle.

    Thank you for your support!


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