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I personally would like to thank all of our Midwest Girl’s Readers for your continued support. I also appreciate your patience while we have been adjusting to our move and writing our next Chapter in Life’s Journey! I have fallen a bit behind providing you quality content and for that, I apologize. Life is beginning to get back to “normal” and I will be focusing on getting back to my writing now.

Please visit McCarthy~BranamUnion.wordpress.com as we build our lives and website.

McCarthy~Branam Union

We thank you for visiting our Special Place where we both want to share, not only a bit about our Journey.

A Journey that started on October 2, 2010.

Image by Teresa Branam Wilgus

A Journey that began by taking a chance.

A Journey that has lead us both through Life’s Adventures.

Two people leading separate lives, coming together as one.  Over the last 7 years we have experienced so much together.  We have truly realized that life really is an adventure.

We have grown together.  Learning from each other’s knowledge, wisdom and personal experiences.  Discovering a very special bond between us.

Accepting what each other has “brought to the table”, friendships from each of our pasts, Mothers, Fathers, Siblings and Children.

We both truly believe, life is what you make it.  When two people come together to form a “Union”, you must accept, embrace and make…

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