Three Little Superheroes Grow Up; A Story For My Sons

When A Superhero is born.

Once upon a time, there a lady named Anne.  Anne did not grown up dreaming of superheros like all of her brothers.  Instead she was dreaming of a  big wedding, in a big church.  Her  dreams of that special day were always vivid and detailed.  She felt like a princess when her dream finally came true.  She also had dreams of having children of her own.  Unlike her dream of being princess for the day, the vision of giving birth was not as detailed.

On a day she least expected, Anne found out her other dream was going to come true.  She went to the doctor and found out she was going to have a baby.  Of course, she was very excited for the news!  Because she never could plan this special event in detail, she was also a little nervous.

During nine months of pregnancy, Anne experienced different changes.  Sometimes,  she felt like she was getting the flu and she felt tired.  But, there were changes making her feel like she was a provider and protector.  A new sense of responsibility was taking over her body.

After months of waiting, it was time to welcome her baby into the world.  This was a scary event for both soon to be parents.  They had heard stories from others, read many, many books on what to expect and spent many months preparing a new room for their first child.  They drove to the hospital and after many, many hours,  this tiny baby was ready to enter the world.  Daddy and Mommy had discovered there was no person or book that could describe this event exactly.  It’s a boy!

And then there were three Superheros!

Awwwee…..My Babies!

Time went on and baby James was growing quickly.  Eventually, this family of three grew to five.  Anne became pregnant two more times.  Although she knew a little more about pregnancy, the experiences were different in their own way.  Soon James had two baby brothers named Arthur and Perry.  The three were very close in age and were growing up to be very close brothers and friends.

Because these boys were close in age, they seemed to like a few of the same things.  Some of their favorite “superheros” were The Power Rangers.  The boys each chose a Power Ranger the liked the best.  James liked the Red Ranger, Arthur liked the Blue Ranger and Perry chose the Green Ranger.

One Halloween, their Mom and Dad bought them costumes for the Power Ranger of their choice.  Soon they adopted these three colors as their favorite.  Well, maybe their mom had a little help in the color coding. Towels, plates, cups and more were all bought to match their favorite colors.

How James, Arthur and Perry became Superheros.

As the boys continued to grow, they had many changes in their lives.  They move a few times, which meant switching schools and leaving friends behind.  Very special loved had died and gone to Heaven.  Because of the strong value of family taught in their home, they all stuck together as a family and remained strong.

One day, Dad and Mom decided to live apart, but sticking to the love they all shared, they also decided to present in each others lives.  These three little who where becoming young men, displayed such maturity and wisdom through it all.  This was a very tough situation for any child to grasp.  Yet, James, Arthur and Perry showed their true colors.

As hard as Anne tried to hide it, sometimes she had days she felt very sad.  The boys somehow knew it and all very eager to make her tears go away by supporting, helping, and being funny.  James was the oldest and now the “Man” in the house.  On sad days he would privately pull his mom aside and let her know he was there to make her feel better.

Image by

Arthur was the middle son, quiet and determined, he loved helping his mom in the kitchen.  And, insisted especially on Holidays.  Perry was the youngest of the three.  He was  quieter than Arthur, but my did he have spunk!  He also had a with those beautiful blue eyes that sparkled to let Anne know all was going to be just fine.  Occasionally he would look her with those eyes and it would melt her heart.

Sometimes Superheros don’t realize they are….

These three boys, who were once very little, are all now grown men and have their own homes.  Hopefully, they are reading my little Superhero story.   Maybe they might get a bit more understanding of what they brought into my world so long ago.  To this day, I will be able to put into the exact words what they all mean to me.  I do know a glow comes about me when they walk in a room.  This, my friends, are how James, Arthur and Perry became Superheros.





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