The Blog Section here at Midwest girls dreams is made up of postings not only by myself, but other Bloggers/Writers who have contacted me or was contact by me, last 3 articles published by my fellow writers at “”as well as our articles which are products of an ongoing Writer’s Challenge providing a variety of prompts for our Daily, Weekly and Monthly Challenges.

I do not usually stick to a specific niche when writing, I like to accept topics I would not usually choose when asked.  Having a wide range, enhances the content and provides a little something for everyone!

If you are a Write or Blogger and need another avenue for your articles, I would love to help.  Please click on the “Services” tab in the main menu and fill out the Contact Form (submission instructions included on form).

Readers engaging with others and myself is the fuel that drives my passion!  I strongly encourage EVERYONE to use the comment sections to join in the networking and interaction.  One thing that is an ABSOLUTE MUST when commenting or giving ideas and that is the respect for others.

We are all entitled to our opinions, that is not to say we will all agree, which is fine.  When sharing your different opinion, do it in a manner showing respect and keeps the discussion enjoyable for all.


Happy Reading!


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