What’s Next

Grab a cup of java – or liquid of choice –  and see what we’re dreamin’!

Patience has never really been my best quality.  I have so many Dreams for this Writing Journey and, yes, I want it all now!  Now, that does sound a bit on the selfish side, however, it’s more from pure excitement and anticipation of what could be.

With that said, one important thing I have discovered in my Writing Adventures is:

Image by Pixabay.com
Image by Pixabay.com

 Patience Is A Virtue – But so necessary!  I keep reminding myself daily, I can’t just jump in with both feet and figure it out later all the time.

Dreams are being made, resources and ideas are being collected.  My goals to provide my readers with entertaining and helpful content will be reached as time and funds allow.

Let me know what is on your mind.

In this section, you will find a “Contact Form”.  I am providing this form for anyone who may have a question/suggestion/idea/concern.  It REALLY is important to me when you leave, you want to come visit again.

Newsletter and Freebies

Don’t forget to sign up for our email list.  I am working now on a fact filled newsletter.  My initial newsletter will recap the history of beginning my journey in Blogging/Writing, “Family Tidbits & Updates” , Cool things I have discovered for fellow Bloggers, etc.

In addition to the Newsletter, the email list will allow you to keep informed on your favorite categories (when a new article is published).  You will have an option to tailor the notifications to your preferences,

Welcome aboard this journey, hang on for the ride!!

Image by Pixabay.com
Image by Pixabay.com

Words do not express how much i am thankful for those of you who keep coming back.  Your Likes, Shares, Tweets & Comments are exactly was fuels my passion.  Interaction and networking makes me SMILE!!

So, go on and explore and be entertained for a bit.  Get to know me and Midwest Girl’s Dreams World.  And, please let me know about you and yours.  Say hello, drop your link to your Website or let me know what’s on your mind.


Happy Reading And Enjoy!


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