Hello and thank you so much for stopping by my Blog to see what is happening!  Here is a little about me:

I was born and raised in Indiana and with a few detours to other great cities in the country such as Austin, TX, Nashville TN, Columbia, SC, my family and I  landed  back in Fishers, IN before moving to the Greater Seattle, WA area where we are now.

I am a Mom to three boys who have grown now to AMAZING young men.  I absolutely adore Motherhood and feel extremely Blessed to have been provided the opportunity to be a “Stay At Home” mom for 14 years while they were growing.

I, like other fortunate Moms who choose to do so, ran the PTA/PTSA gamut, team Mom for many sports loved raising my boys.  They are indeed “Momma’s Pride and Joy”.  My heart swells and my smile is bright when they come for a visit or something as simple as writing about them! 

I did not discover the true passion I have for writing until  June 2016. I always enjoyed writing down my thoughts and visions.  I was encouraged by a few people in my life to pursue sharing my writing with others.

It wasn’t until I decided to begin exploring Blogging and the writing possibilities available, that I connected with another writer/blogger needing writers for a Lifestyle Magazine soon to be launched.  My first blog posts were the ones I submitted to  Collective Voice Magazine (formerly State Of Liberation) for Launch Day, June 15, 2016.  

Aware I had no experience, he gave me a chance.  I jumped in with both feet and have been learning along the way.  Windows of Opportunity aren’t opened for us everyday.  Going through and taking the chance, lead me to discover my passion.

Image by Pixabay.com

Collective Voice Magazine is full of amazing content with something for everyone….so be sure to follow one of the many posts through the my blog and discover our other talented writer’s.

A few fun facts.

I love Wine and Coffee and I Love Football and Beer!  I am a Sunshine Worshiper and the kid comes out in me when I see the Snow Fall.  I believe in living life to be true to yourself as long as we aren’t intentionally hurting others along the way.  I like to consider the past as LIFE’S LITTLE ADVENTURES to reflect on and learn from them.

I encourage you to keep coming back and visiting us as we continue to add helpful and entertaining content almost daily.  I promise to keep you posted as far as new ideas and upcoming opportunities.  OF COURSE SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER AND FOLLOW US!  Being self-taught in the Blogging World is a great opportunity, but at times does not move as quickly as I would like.  Bear with me though!  The first Newsletter is soon to come and you won’t be disappointed.  I plan to include something for our readers as well as fellow bloggers/writers.

Including a “Freebie” or TWO!!

So, what about you?

One of the aspects about blogging I enjoy is the interaction with readers and other bloggers.  A valuable tool for me when I began, was the communication with others.  By engaging with other writers/bloggers by commenting or through the various groups and communities helps me grow and add new elements to Midwest Girl’s Dreams.

The interaction with readers who may not blog themselves helps me discover other ways to view life.  The simplest comment can say so much.  Knowing I may have actually touched someone, drives me to continue sharing.

Let me know you have been here, give me your thoughts.  Leave your blog address if you have one, I love to see new ideas! If you have any idea or opinion (PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL TO ALL) use the comment sections and write it down.






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