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 Whether it be through linky parties, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter…and the list goes on, I have happened upon some talented and resourceful Bloggers/Writers.  Networking is the key to a successful Blog Website.  It never ceases to amaze me the helpful content available on the web today.

I have developed the belief that blogging should not be a competition among us, yet an avenue to learn and grow with each other.  Sharing, Pinning, Positing, etc. is a way writers can Share The Love.

In addition to HOSTING GUESTS HERE, I will share the treasures I find.

Along the way, I will continue to bring you articles and resources I feel may be helpful to you or a piece that day “hit home” with me personally.  I encourage you to visit other’s sites and build to your Blogger Website Library.

GUEST BLOGGING:  Beginning now, I am looking for any of you who have a Blogging Website of your own or just write for your personal pleasure.  While browsing other sites, I especially like the ones who mix things up for their readers.  If you would you would like to get more exposure for your writing or willing to submit so I can share, I would love to hear from you.

Use the “Contact Form” below and let’s work together.  If you already have a piece written, let me know and I will respond in a timely manner and we can collaborate. Just indicate your Topic and Date of Submission and we will make it work!

I look forward to sharing your articles and encourage you all to continue to discover new websites through Midwest Girl’s Dreams.

Have A Wonderful Day!


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