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I have morphed into a “Writer’s Challenge” fanatic and supporter.  Yep, you got it here, folks.  Visit my article How To Make a Writer’s Challenge Work For You and you will see what I am mean.  The article I explains my experience with the first Challenge I joined.  I absolutely feel I grew with leaps and bounds.  Discovered what I truly was CAPABLE of when I put my mind to it.

Actually, you, my readers, we at State Of Liberation have began our Daily, Weekly and Monthly Challenges back up again.  Writing this article now, spawned my first piece for our Daily One Word Prompt: Capable.

Will will find a “Tab” in the main menu labeled “Writer’s Challenges”.  Below that is a “tab” labelled “The Collective Voice”.  As our writers publish their posts to the Challenge, I will publish them here so you too can follow.  Join us in the fun and see what we come up with.  For me, some are “no brainers” and some make me wish I had a second brain!